DX Series MultiViewers Provide Flexible Options for Multi-Image Display Applications

Dublin, Ireland - New features and options for the DX Series MultiViewer solutions from Zandar Technologies, a leading developer and global provider of multi -image display solutions, will make their European debut at ISE on stand #6734, February 3 -5.

Deirdre Smith, CEO of Zandar, said, "The newest offerings from Zandar reflect our commitment to providing customers with the greatest flexibility for meeting their display needs. Regardless of which product they choose, they will find a solution that is engineered to deliver pristine image quality for viewing any content."

DX Digital series MultiViewers
The DX Digital series MultiViewers are versatile, easy to operate, cost -effective solutions where mixed input environments exist including cameras, DVDs, VCRs or other analog/digital video sources.

The MultiViewers' 1RU compact design delivers modular configurations for 4, 8, 12 or 16 digital or composite inputs, with auto detect of NTSC, PAL or digital formats. Composite, component, digital and line doubled VGA outputs provide customers with a wide range of flexible display options. Both the front panel controls and remote control via RS -232/422 provide the user with the ability to view real -time multiple images in various pre -configured displays. Optional software allows user configuration of displays, and multi -system control, while options also exist for in -picture audio monitoring of analog, AES/EBU and SDI embedded audio.

New features include:
· Black Picture Detection
· Frozen Picture Detection
· Improved fonts & characters
· Additional GPI triggers
· Extended UMD & tally functionality

Summary of other features include:
· View 4, 8, 12 or 16 digital or composite locations/camera feeds simultaneously
· Upgradeable from 8 to 16 channels
· Auto detect of digital and composite inputs
· Auto detect of NTSC or PAL inputs
· Ideal for mixed analog/digital inputs or digital migration sites
· Full screen or spot display of any input
· Video outputs - composite & Y -C or YUV, digital x 2
· VGA output (line doubled)
· Picture -in -Picture
· Z -Editor layout editing software option for user -designed configurations
· Selection of pre -set displays
· Suitable for digital & composite inputs from security cameras, TV, camcorders & DVD's
· Built -in character generator for source/camera identification/labeling, two font size choice
· Real -time clock & date
· Easy to use interface via front panel, serial control or remote panel
· Protocols available for integration into access control software applications
· Audio monitoring
· Alarm indicators on -screen via GPI
· Alarm output available via GPO

Product photos of any of the above are available by request to Orlaith Moriarty. Please see contact details below.

About Zandar Technologies plc
Zandar Technologies is a dynamic and progressive company with a worldwide presence and a wide range of innovative multi -source display and management solutions. Zandar's international customer base includes many of the world's leading companies in the Security & Surveillance, broadcast, television and professional video markets. Zandar's dedicated sales and engineering team, professional resellers and responsive technical support specialists underline a commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
For more information, please contact:

Orlaith Moriarty
Telephone: +353 -1 -2808 945
Fax: +353 -1 -2808 956

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