At Integrated Systems Europe in Geneva, Electrosonic is showcasing new processing and media networks display solutions for use in Command & Control and Corporate Communication Applications.

Electrosonic is an international company with a long established history at the forefront of audio -visual, mixed media and video display engineering. Founded in 1964, the company has its European headquarters in Dartford UK, and corporate headquarters in Minneapolis US, with regional offices in Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, Dusseldorf and Hong Kong.

Electrosonic divides its operations into Products, Systems and Service. The Products are specialised image processing devices for multiple electronic image display, standard definition and high definition video servers, show control devices and a new generation of network oriented AV products. The Systems are large scale audio -visual systems for corporate, retail display, defence, visitor centre, theme park and exhibition applications. Service was identifed as a separate profit centre in 1998, and since then has made strong progress.

At Integrated Systems Europe in Geneva, Electrosonic is showcasing new processing and media networks display solutions for use in Command & Control and Corporate Communications Applications.

VISIONETWORK is a new range of command control technologies already in use in IT, Utility and Process Control applications. The first product to be introduced is VN -2400, a network display processor that combines RGB, video and network application sources onto a videowall at low cost. Also being demonstrated will be VN -COMMANDER, an easy -to -use graphical user interface; and the newly launched VN -GLIMPSE Hardware Agent, which is an RGB Streaming Encoder via Ethernet.

ELECTROSONIC DIRECTOR advances the state of play of AV/IT integration by integrating audio, RGB, video, touch panel control and viewing of network documents into a single box. Use of web technologies allows control and display interfaces to be reconfigured without needing to learn a proprietary programming language.

New to the Electrosonic range of video servers is the HD FrEND, an MPEG -based network appliance which provides an ideal solution for digital signage, training, education, and other applications in which high -performance 16 x 9 video is required.

Electrosonic was voted Systems Company of the Year and Service Company of the Year in the 2003 Audio Visual Awards.

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