tritton reveals affordable, all -in -one Network Appliance for smbs and soho markets during CES

ASAP combines 120GB NAS, Web Server, VPN, firewall, router and four-port switch in an integrated unit for $449 MSRP

Las Vegas, January 8, 2004 - TRITTON Technologies, a leading provider of networking and high -end multimedia products, today announced the availability of the TRITTON Advanced Server Appliance Product (ASAP) with personal Web Server functionality, the newest addition to its astounding line of affordable SOHO and SMB network appliances. The ASAP is an all -in -one network appliance that integrates 120GB of NAS (network attached storage), personal Web Server, VPN, firewall, router and four -port switch that sells for only $449 MSRP.

The TRITTON ASAP is designed for the SOHO and small business markets. The addition of personal Web Server capabilities allows users to set -up and host Web sites. ASAP is pre -configured for a quick and simple installation enabling users to instantly set up a fully functional server right out of the box. To ensure product longevity, the firmware is easily upgradeable via the Web for future product enhancements and capabilities.

"Some companies offer plug -and -play storage while others offer network security appliances, but we have found that the majority of small business owners and home users really want is an affordable all -in -one solution that combines security and storage that's easy to install, virtually maintenance -free, and can scale with the company's needs," said Chris Von Huben, president and founder of TRITTON Technologies. "ASAP provides the industry's first complete, most affordable network solution and it's backed by a comprehensive service program and a full warranty to keep our customers networks up and running."

ASAP also includes four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, dynamic DNS, a virtual server for protected website hosting, and provides protection in the event of a Denial of Service or other network security attack. The ASAP is compatible with Microsoft, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh operation systems.

About TRITTON Technologies
TRITTON is based in Irvine, Calif., with additional sales operations in Europe. TRITTON is a manufacturer of high -end multimedia products. TRITTON is striving to provide consumers with the latest technology with the highest quality in multimedia products. We have designed our products to be user friendly to insure customer satisfaction. TRITTON has recently launched the latest DVD+RW drives, which will ultimately be the new industry standard and replace CDRW's. For more information, visit TRITTON Technologies' Website at

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