Equator Receives Microsoft Main Profile Windows Media 9 Series Certification

Equator Technologies, Inc., announced that its software implementation of the Windows Media 9 Series video decoder on the BSP(tm)-15 chip has passed Microsoft tests for Main Profile Main Level certification.

Campbell, CA (Jan. 6, 2004) - Equator Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of high -performance, programmable and power -efficient system -on -a -chip (SoC) processors for video streaming and image processing applications, today announced that its software implementation of the Windows Media 9 Series video decoder on the BSP(tm) -15 chip has passed Microsoft tests for Main Profile Main Level certification.

Support for the Windows Media 9 Series on Equator's video -centric SoC platform enables consumer electronics device manufacturers to produce low -cost streaming media products that can tap into the vast digital content world and maturing Windows Media ecosystem.

Certification test suites provide the first interoperability milestone for ensuring that content produced on one device can be played on a different device. This development milestone is important for content providers and manufacturers of playback devices, video -on -demand providers and set -top box OEMs, broadcasters and TV manufacturers, and PC -hosted content to other playback devices in the home. Microsoft has a stringent set of certification tests, so using a certified Windows Media 9 Series implementation gives an OEM a guaranteed level of quality for their device and eligibility to bear the Microsoft 'Plays Windows Media' logo, setting an expectation for the consumer.

"We were the among the first chip manufacturers to announce support for the Windows Media 9 Series in both Standard Definition and High Definition (720p) for non -PC consumer platforms," said John O'Donnell, co -founder and CTO of Equator Technologies. "Now we are one of the first system -on -a -chip vendors to certify for high -quality Windows Media Video 9 decoding. This demonstrates our commitment, investment and trust in the capabilities of Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series to serve the needs of our customers who require high -quality, low -bit -rate solutions today."

"By receiving certification, the Equator BSP -15 chip and software implementation reach the next level as a key enabler for Windows Media 9 Series technology in consumer devices," said Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "This certification is our recognition of Equator's commitment to the Windows Media 9 Series and to providing OEMs and consumers with the latest innovations in digital media technology. We look forward to seeing many innovative consumer devices as a result. "

Equator is an Interim Provider for Windows Media 9 Series on the Equator BSP -15 processor. The Equator BSP -15 SoC processor supports Windows Media Video 9 decoding for professional or consumer -created content at Main Profile up to 720p. Standard Definition Windows Media 9 Series decoding uses just a fraction of the chip's processing power, leaving plenty of headroom for additional post -processing for best video quality, multiple -stream decoding for applications like Picture -in -Picture or other added value functions.

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