IDEATIVE's FlexUSB™ Cable - The World's Only Fully Adjustable USB Cable

IDEATIVE, Inc. announces FlexUSB™ Cable, the second product in their FlexConnex™ family of flexible products. FlexUSB Cable is the world's first and only USB cable with a flexible connector, and with the smallest profile in the industry.

CARROLLTON, Texas - IDEATIVE, Inc. announces the release of FlexUSB™ Cable, the second product in their FlexConnex™ family of flexible products. FlexUSB Cable is the world's first and only USB cable with a flexible connector, and with the smallest profile in the industry. FlexUSB Cable makes its World debut in Booth #22711K of the USB TechZone at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV on Jan. 8 -11, 2004.

Who says all USB cables are created equal? FlexUSB Cable blows away the competition with patent -pending FlexConnex technology, allowing USB cables to be used in difficult to reach and confined spaces. FlexUSB Cable utilizes less than half the footprint of traditional USB cable connectors. Its fully adjustable design allows for cable direction to be set and locked in all four directions, without the long `loop -around` required by other cables. Like the original FlexUSB adapter, FlexUSB Cable is designed to work with both Windows and Macintosh computers, and all USB devices.

"Based on the overwhelming response our FlexUSB adapter received since last year's CES, we expect great things for FlexUSB Cable," says Tavis Schriefer, President of IDEATIVE, Inc. "FlexUSB Cable allows anyone to securely position their cables, save space and save money at the same time. FlexUSB actually costs less than many of the competition's standard USB cables."

FlexUSB Cable is designed for today's high speed USB requirements and is made with a premium lightweight cable that is USB 2.0 Certified. FlexUSB Cable is currently shipping and is backed by a one year warranty. FlexUSB Cable is available on IDEATIVE`s website in Standard, Mini, and USB Extension cables.

FlexUSB Cable joins the original FlexUSB adapter as the second product in the FlexConnex family of products.
FlexUSB is the World`s first and only fully adjustable USB adapter. FlexUSB is a small, lightweight accessory that provides a means to position USB devices, allowing their use with all computers in even the most cramped environments. FlexUSB is rapidly becoming a standard for all computer users needing an easier and more adaptable way to connect their expanding collection of USB computer peripherals. Patent -pending FlexUSB bends, rotates and flexes in response to the changing needs of the user.

IDEATIVE's FlexUSB adapter is currently available in nearly 50 retail stores nationwide, including Fry's, Micro Center and J&R. With sales in 11 countries to date, IDEATIVE is well on their way to make FlexUSB available in retailers worldwide. FlexUSB Cable will join FlexUSB in wide retail distribution soon, at a price comparable to other premium USB cables.

IDEATIVE develops innovative product solutions, simplifying consumer's interaction with technology. FlexConnex, their patent -pending family of adjustable connectors, includes FlexUSB and FlexUSB Cable, which radically improve peripheral device connections on notebooks, Tablet PCs, and desktops. IDEATIVE's goal is to improve the consumer's lifestyle with products that provide affordable, innovative solutions for technology users worldwide.

Additional information on both FlexUSB Cable and FlexUSB adapter is available at IDEATIVE's website is

IDEATIVE and FlexUSB are trademarks of IDEATIVE, Inc. Copyright © 2004 IDEATIVE, All Rights Reserved.

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