D-Tools supports new companies introducing products to the System Integration market.

LAS VEGAS, NV - January 6th, 2004 - D -Tools is unveiling its latest manufacturer program in booth #19050 at the Consumer Electronics Show. The New Manufacturer Showcase has been designed to help new, or new to system integration, manufacturers introduce their product to the market. "As we continue to grow our user base, it becomes more and more apparent that we have the cream of the system integration crop using our software," said Adam Stone, President of D -Tools. "D -Tools users are the perfect group for a new manufacturer to target. This program gets them in front of those users and allows them to offer special incentives, and get feedback from, the best in the business."

D -Tools software users benefit because they will be exposed to new products and technologies, often long before they would see it otherwise. "It's a win -win, the system integrators are offered special incentives and access to new products." mentions Stone, "The manufacturer has a place to start in the industry."

Meda Systems (www.medainc.com) is the first company to utilize this program and will be showing in the D -Tools booth at CES. "Meda's products make digital entertainment easy, anywhere in the home," said Steve Raschke, President of Meda Systems. "By leveraging home networks and partnering with leading software and control system companies, Meda takes media server performance to the next level. We feel strongly that showcasing our product line through the D -Tools program is a highly effective way to leverage our product in the CEDIA channel."

The program includes the top of the line Platinum Package from the D -Tools Manufacturer Program, mentions in D -Tools 3000+ opt -in newsletter list, separate targeted e -mails from D -Tools to its users, the ability to offer special pricing and incentives, continual progress reports on the company and potentially space in a D -Tools booth at trade shows if needed. The price for the package is dependent upon the features used. For more information on this program, manufacturers can contact the D -Tools manufacturing department at (925) 681 -2326 x402 or MPP@D -Tools.com.

D -Tools System Integrator v3

D -Tools Si v3 is the latest version of D -Tools®, Inc.'s revolutionary software that helps systems integrators by providing a fast, intuitive toolset for designing, engineering, documenting and estimating. D -Tools Si ties together the management of all these processes into a single portable project file so that everybody using the software is working from the same project data. For unprecedented ease of use, D -Tools Si v3 uses Microsoft® Visio® for the graphic interface, which makes it easy to produce professional line diagrams, elevations, floor plans and schematic drawings with full interfacing capability with AutoCAD.

Founded in 1998, D -Tools Inc. is a worldwide leader in easy -to -use, highly accurate system design software. The company, based in Concord, California, offers a wide range of products and services created to simplify the complicated design, engineering, documentation and estimating processes that accompany large -scale installation projects.

Featured Product

BDA-1 External DAC from Bryston - The Absolute Sound Golden Ear award winner

BDA-1 External DAC from Bryston - The Absolute Sound Golden Ear award winner

The Bryston BDA-1 is a state-of-the-art external Stereo DAC (digital to analog converter) using fully discrete Class-A proprietary Bryston analog circuits, two independent linear power supplies and dual Crystal CS-4398 DAC chips. The BDA-1 features an impressive array of inputs for USB, COAX, OPTICAL, AES-EBU and BNC equipped digital devices. For audio outputs, the BDA-1 offers both balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA stereo connectors on the rear panel.