New MS1 Delivers Convenient Media Management for Multi-Room Systems

CES, Las Vegas, NV January 8, 2004 - IntelliNet Controls, a leading innovator of advanced multi -room audio and control systems, debuted their MS1, a Media Server that stores and manages music and digital images providing easy retrieval from virtually anywhere in the home. The MS1 can intuitively supply three different sources of music simultaneously, making it ideal for use in a high quality Multi -Source/Multi -Zone system such as the IntelliNet Controls RS3000 and companion ICe AquaPAD touch screen. Optimized for use with the RS3000 system, all controls are then available allowing the user to select music, themes and view images and cover graphics. The artist, album, and song information is delivered directly to the user via the AquaPAD screen display wherever they may be. The IntelliNet Controls MS1 will be shipping this April at a MSRP of $3199.

At only a single rack space high, the MS1 Media Server comes complete with a CD -ROM drive, 250GB internal hard drive and an Ethernet connection, that not only allows the user easy access to their music and digital media but to enjoy it conveniently virtually anywhere in the home. Additionally, the built -in CD ROM drive allows the server to be used as a CD player, whereby during play the server catalogs files, automatically storing the session on the hard drive. This is a quick, convenient way for the listener to effortlessly create an extensive collection of their favorite music.

The MS1 also features a composite video output with an innovative and attractive graphical user interface making the Media Server easy to use, entertaining and informative.

According to Michael Stein, Vice -President of Engineering and Founder of IntelliNet Controls, "Unlike a traditional jukebox style Media Server, the Theme based MS1 agents learn from the user's musical selections. Automatic background music is based on the user's previous interactions. By simply using the system during active listening modes, the MS1's agents get better at playing background music. The CDDB and MUZE databases make the user interaction easy with Artist, Album, Song Names, and CD Cover Art."

Mr. Stein further explained, "MS1 Themes can be configured to play Newest Additions, Longest Since Heard, Most Popular, Random, Albums Only, 3 In A Row and so forth. This flexible system is easily adapted to the listening styles of all the family members. And an unlimited number of themes can be created!"

IntelliNet Controls is an innovative designer and manufacturer of advanced web -based multi -room audio distribution and control systems for residential applications. IntelliNet Controls provides visionary solutions today to lead the systems integration industry into the digital age tomorrow. A Russound company based in Newmarket, New Hampshire, IntelliNet Controls products are marketed throughout North America to the custom audio specialist and systems integrator. Additional information about IntelliNet Controls and its products can be readily obtained at or via e -mail at
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