At CES 2004, Nordost will present Vishnu™, Shiva™ and Valhalla™; a premier line of power cables for audio and video components.

Las Vegas, NV - January 8 -11, 2004 - Alexis Park Booth #1604 & 1605 - Once again, Nordost Corporation sets the standard for performance with the introduction of three new power cords. At CES 2004, Nordost will present Vishnu™, Shiva™ and Valhalla™; a premier line of power cables for audio and video components. For the first time, audio/video enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience Nordost's proprietary Micro Mono -Filament Teflon® technology in a power cable.

The new Nordost power cables offer dramatically improved performance over the stock cable supplied with audio and video equipment. Designed for use with preamplifiers, power amplifiers, CD players, SACD and DVD players as well as video projectors and video display devices, the Nordost line of power cables offers improved signal speed, better power transfer and increased thermal efficiency. Unlike conventional power cables that have propagation speeds of less than 50% of the speed of light, Nordost power cords feature speeds way above standard. SHIVA has a speed of 81%, VISHNU has a speed of 85% and VALHALLA, the flagship of the line, has a speed of 90%.

"We've applied Micro Mono -Filament Teflon technology to power cables," states Joe Reynolds, Product Development Director at Nordost, "the same technology that makes our flagship audio cables 'Valhalla' and 'Valkyrja' groundbreaking performers, and a true reference for the category. We've raised the bar again, this time with high -quality power cables." Micro Mono -Filament Teflon technology increases current flow, improves transmission speed to over 80% the speed of light and dissipates heat.

Nordost redefines alternating current power cable performance with the use of their Extruded Teflon manufacturing techniques. By drawing a twisted Teflon mono -filament thread around the conductor in a helix pattern, insulation contact with the conductors is reduced by more than 80%. Extruded Teflon insulation is superior to all other materials in that it has very low signal loss and a high thermal efficiency - meaning it will dissipate heat very quickly. This allows greater power to be transferred more efficiently. The use of Teflon, which has a very low dielectric constant and a very minimal insulation contact with the conductor, also allows power to be transferred efficiently. This design lowers the resistance of the cable and results in extremely low power loss.

Each of the Nordost power cords uses solid core 99.99999 Oxygen free copper conductors to ensure increased power transfer and optimum performance. SHIVA uses solid core silver -plated conductors, VISHNU uses 60 microns of extruded silver over the conductors, and VALHALLA uses 70 microns of extruded silver over the conductors. Solid core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots and carbonization (which can occur in stranded cables). Sonically, you are left with a precision that gives a real sense of three -dimensional space to the soundstage.

Each power cord is hand built in Nordost's factory in Massachusetts using high quality gold plated connectors. Wrapped in an elegant clear housing, the power cables use high -grade IEC connectors with triple gold plated Oxygen Free Copper for improved conductivity. The design of the connector eliminates stress so that heat cycling and vibration will not loosen the contact points.

Shiva™, Vishnu™ and Valhalla™ are shipping now. Shiva is priced at $300 per two meters (additional one meter increments are $80). Vishnu is priced at $599.99 per two meters (additional one meter increments are $160). Valhalla is priced at $2499.99 per two meters (additional one meter increments are $500).

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Nordost is a Massachusetts based cable manufacturing company known for its innovative approach to cable design using cutting edge extruded Teflon extrusion techniques. Its research and development work in diverse areas such as the aerospace, medical and computer industries provide the background for its highly innovative consumer electronics products.

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