Artistic Audio's Mobius Loudspeakers Receive Innovations 2004 Design & Engineering Showcase Honors

The Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honor superior design and engineering among the year`s most technologically advanced products in a wide range of consumer electronics categories.

(LAS VEGAS, December 15, 2003) - - - John T. Larsen, president, Artistic Audio, today announced that the company's Mobius loudspeakers have received Design & Engineering Showcase Honors in the Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) Innovations 2004 competition, the second award the loudspeaker design has earned in the past year. Mobius received a Design Excellence Award from Audio/Video Interiors magazine in May 2003.

The Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honor superior design and engineering among the year's most technologically advanced products in a wide range of consumer electronics categories. A preeminent panel of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists serve as judges in the competition using four criteria: user value, aesthetics, contributions to quality of life and innovative design and qualities.

Introduced at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show, Mobius uses Artistic Audio's twice -patented "perfect pulsating sphere" design, which produces a 360 -degree sound and first earned Design & Engineering Showcase Honors in 1998.

"We're excited to be two -time Design & Engineering Showcase honorees and look forward to this honor helping us generate additional interest and sales for Mobius and our new Hemisphere loudspeakers at this year's Consumer Electronics Show," said Larsen.

Larsen said that for CES 2004, Artistic Audio has upgraded Mobius' finish and crossover components, incorporating a new piano lacquer finish, Zobel impedance equalization and Unity Gain bypass filters into the original design. The company is marketing Mobius in conjunction with its newly developed Hemisphere speakers to offer high -end audiophiles a complete home theater experience.

Both Mobius and Hemisphere loudspeakers feature a perfect pulsating sphere design comprised of twin eight -inch dome midbass drivers mounted back to back. Each midbass driver uses neodymium 33 motors, 10/18 steel return cups and copper -clad aluminum wire voice coils, with the tweeters mounted directly in front of each midbass driver. The floor standing Mobius loudspeakers include a sideward -mounted eight -inch subwoofer that ensures the smallest possible footprint for each speaker while enabling good low -frequency extension. The midbass sphere rests on a tuning fork -shaped velocity stack that minimizes diffraction. The tuning fork is angled to provide maximum phase/time alignment between the subwoofer and midbass voice coils.

Hemisphere loudspeakers consist of the twin midbass sphere mounted on swivel arm, enabling the owner to suspend the speakers from the ceiling, mount them to a wall or place them on a table top or other horizontal surface.

Based in Kansas City, Mo., Artistic Audio is owned by brothers John and James Larsen, who hold the titles of president and vice president, respectively. Serious audio enthusiasts since childhood, the two have been designing and building audio components since 1994. For more information or to place an order for Mobius and Hemisphere loudspeakers, visit their booth at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Booth 15824), contact Artistic Audio at +1 -816 -228 -2376 or visit their Web site at

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