Compex invites viewers to the CES presentation of its awaited wireless product, NP26G

Compex's new 802.11g wireless broadband router, NetPassage 26G, is to be unveiled at the 2004 CES in Las Vegas. The revamped wireless router brings a higher standard of quality and convenience to the wireless market.

Compex Inc., a distinguished rising leader in the networking and connectivity industry, will join over 2,300 other exhibitors at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with it`s own display in the LVCC South Hall 3 and 4 at booth 22717B. The four -day event will run from Jan. 4 until the 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Compex will feature its new NetPassage 26G for a press audience of 4,000 strong along with the company of 1,500 industry analysts. Compex is gearing up to feature its display within the Broadband to the Home Tech Zone.

The NP26G, an IEEE 802.11g wireless broadband router, is not only Compex's greatly needed answer to speed problems in mixed g and b environments, but is also outfitted with an innovative new feature.
Compex engineers have given NP26G two USB ports that support printers, tracker pods and PC cameras. With those ports the NP26G can be used as a print server and web cam server. As a wireless broadband router, the NP26G can be accessed to remotely control the printer and web cam. The NP26G is reinforced with Nitro Technology to increase throughput. PRISM Nitro makes 50% more through put possible in pure g environments and 300% more in mixed b and g environments. Wireless Pseudo VLAN is a feature of NP26G, which can be set to separate users into as many as four groups with as many as ten users per group. NP26G supports Wireless Distribution (WDS) as well, which allows wireless link between networks and has wireless repeater. NP26G acts as a VPN client so it allows a user to create a virtual tunnel to a network via PPTP or IP sec. Therefore, a user may access a company network from home. NP26G also includes the Compex unique Parallel Broadband feature. A popular characteristic of Parallel Broadband is Failover, which controls network traffic by seamlessly distributing users among several lines. This way, users will experience the same performance quality and maintain Internet connection even if a line goes out. Parallel Broadband also gives users the option to use different IP servers for each line. General features such as 4 ports for wire users, a 2dbi external antenna, NAT Firewall, and URL Filtering are included.
Compex will fully demonstrate the NP26G's entire range of capabilities at the event. The display will electrify buyers and press alike, who may also view the CES special events such as cocktail receptions and keynote speakers after a visit to the Compex booth.
About Compex
COMPEX is a market -driven leader in the networking and wireless connectivity industry. Compex designs, develops, and manufactures integrative end -user and enterprise level products to fulfill Broadband, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and IRDA solution needs. Compex seeks to address and fulfill market demands with relevant and innovative solutions. Further information on Compex products can be found at

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