Freecom Announces New Bus -Powered Mobil Hard Disk Family of Products

Freecom presents a new line of super-compact, external hard disks with an integral USB 2.0 connection cable. The intelligent hard disks can provide a large 20, 40 or 80 gigabyte storage capacity to your computer in the blink of an eye.

Freecom Announces New Bus -Powered Mobil

Hard Disk Family of Products

CES -22711N USB -TechZone -December 15, 2003 - - Freecom will be launching a new line of hard disks with storage capacity to spare at CES this year. The new line presents a variety of fast, quiet, external hard disks with one button data synchronization. The new FHD(Freecom Hard Disk) line comes with memory capacities of 20, 40 or 80 gigabytes offering ample storage to easily access even the largest volumes of data when on the move, such as videos, photos, presentations or MP3 tracks.

The new hard disk products require a minimum of space and are connected to a PC, laptop or Mac via a USB 2.0 connection. Power supply for the hard disk comes over the USB 2.0 cable, without the need for additional power. With the USB 2.0, the FHD line offers high -speed data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbit per second, guaranteeing rapid access to all data at any time. The external hard disk satisfies even the highest demands, and is ideal for the storage of data, digital photos, videos, MP3 files and for the creation of back -ups and transporting of data. The Freecom FHD line is particularly well protected by a robust, scratchproof aluminum housing.

Initial products offered in the exceptional line up are:
FHD -2 Pro external measures 3.4" 3.4 x .5 inches with a storage capacity of 20, 40 or 80GB. Pricing is as follows: 20gB MSRP $129.99, 40gB MSRP $189.99 and 80gB $269.99
FHD -XS - external 1.8" hard disk with a storage capacity of 20GB MSRP $179.99

One of the outstanding features of these mobile hard disks is the proprietary one -button -data - synchronization function, one touch of the SYNC button and the FHD automatically synchronizes the data on your computer with the data on the FHD. On connection of the mobile hard disk to the PC, the outer ring of the SYNC button lights up and then the whole button lights up as soon as the SYNC software is activated.

Freecom offers the new FHD line complete with USB 2.0 connection cable and the Freecom SYNC software. The package also includes the True Image back -up software from Acronis. Freecom offers a 2 -year manufacturer's guarantee and unlimited free helpdesk support for the mobile hard disk.

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