Highest Power Wireless Networking Card Available on Yahoo!

New 200mW Card Boosts Performance, Range, Operating Temperatures with DoD Spec Encryption

Rockville, MD, (December 3, 2003) - 3e Technologies International (3eTI), a leader in highly secure wireless networking, is making its 3e -110 WLAN PC Card available to the public. The 3e -110 PC Card was originally designed for use in the US Military and offers increased mobility along with multiple security and encryption options not available on other PC cards. It provides 802.11b connectivity with up to 200 milliWatts (mW) of transmit power - nearly four times the power of standard PC Cards. The 3e -110 Card provides multiple encryption options: WEP (64 bit, 128 bit) and AES (128 bit, 192 bit, and 256 bit). The 3e -110 PC Card is now available at a price of $59.99 - go to www.3eti.com for a hot link to Yahoo Shopping.

One of the highest -powered PC cards on the market today, the 3e -110 features transmit power of up to 200 mW combined with a superior receive sensitivity of -92dBm compared to -85dBm of most cards. At over 2,000 feet distance, the 3e -110's performance is up to a full 11Mbs unlike most cards with limited receivers only supporting 1 to 2 Mbs throughput. The card comes with RF Management software which permits control of radio frequency output power levels from 0 to 200mW. In addition, the card has an unmatched operating temperature range of -30° to +80° C.

"Wireless networking is pervasive and continues to grow," stated Dr. Jim Pilgrim, 3eTI's Sr. Director Wireless Business. "It's around the office, at airports and hotels, in public hotspots, and in tech -savvy homes … no need to run wires or rearrange connections - just sit down, power up and you're connected. And the increased power level and control in the 3e -110 PC Card is no challenge for walls, ceilings or most obstacles. It's been installed aboard US Navy destroyers and proven its capability by allowing connectivity between decks and even through steel bulkheads."

The 3e -110's Installation Wizard makes setting up the Card fast and easy on any client device running the Windows® 2000 or XP operating systems. Fully IEEE 802.11b -compliant, the card seamlessly operates in infrastructure mode with any WiFi® certified 802.11b or 802.11g wireless LAN access point. Management software lets users save multiple user profiles for the office, home, or on business travel.

About 3e Technologies International
3e Technologies International, also known as AEPTEC Microsystems, is a leading provider of highly secure wireless networking, condition -based and location telematics solutions. 3eTI is 100% self -funded, profitable and has frequently doubled its revenue and headcount during the last 6 years. 3eTI is the 5th fastest growing company in the greater Washington DC area (as ranked by the Washington Business Journal). In addition to its Rockville, MD headquarters, 3eTI has presence in: Blairsville, PA; and Dahlgren, VA. For more detailed information, please visit www.3eti.com.

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ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

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