Unveils The Top 100 AV Products of 2003

Though this year`s guide is comparable to previous years`, the 2003 format has been amped to reflect the 100 absolute best audio-video (AV) components on the planet.

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 10, 2003 - launches the annual "Best Of" guide for 2003. Though this year's guide is comparable to previous years', the 2003 format has been amped to reflect the 100 absolute best audio -video (AV) components on the planet.

"The motivation behind changing the format was multi -fold" say's publisher, Jerry Del Colliano. "We wanted to make our awards more exclusive and at the same time provide our readers with a definitive list of 100 AV components that they could rely on for being the highest -performing, most affordable units available."

While determining the 100 best AV products on the market, the panel of judges paid special attention to value -oriented products. In the top ten, readers will find truly affordable items like the V Inc Bravo D -1 DVD -Video player ($199) and Apple's iPod (about $250) mixed in with Mark Levinson's flagship AV preamp ($30,000) and Meridian's DVD player ($20,000). Other trends include products like speakers, electronics and accessories sold exclusively by online retailers.

An incredibly diverse and multi -faceted list, the Best Of 2003 displays a range of products on all tiers, adding an appeal to a variety of readers and viewers. Not just intended for the high -end audio file, the list includes some great gear that any consumer would appreciate. With the holidays quickly approaching, this list serves as a great resource for investigating some of those hot AV items on many wish lists.

Criteria for winning an award include having been reviewed by Winning AV manufacturers receive both a printed award and a logo for their website. Winners were determined by the editorial staff. Visit for a detailed description of the 100 most prominent products of 2003.'s Top 10 Of 2003
1. TiVo
2. Mark Levinson No. 40 (AV preamp)
3. Apple iPod
4. Energy Take 5.2 (loudspeakers)
5. Meridian 800 (DVD player)
6. Sony 34XBR910 (HDTV)
7. Sunfire Theater Grand III (AV preamp)
8. Anthem AVM 20 (AV preamp)
9. V Inc. Bravo D -1 (DVD player)
10. Revel Salon (loudspeakers)

Featured Product

Yale Real Living™ Assure Lock™ with Bluetooth

Yale Real Living™ Assure Lock™ with Bluetooth

The new Yale Real Living™ Assure Lock™ with Bluetooth replaces conventional keys with digital keys accessed through the Yale Digital Keys app for Android and iOS mobile devices, and through an app for the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The Yale app allows homeowners to unlock doors, send keys to others, control when others have access, get a message when someone enters, and revoke a digital key at any time. Unlocking the deadbolt couldn't be simpler, whether using the Samsung Gear S2 or a smartphone. With the new Samsung Gear S2, touch the watch app to activate the digital key, then touch the lock screen to unlock the deadbolt. With a smartphone, Yale's "Twist and Go" technology allows the user to hold the phone vertically when approaching the door, then twist it 90 degrees to unlock the deadbolt. Homeowners can also unlock the deadbolt using its capacitive touchscreen and a four- to eight-digit code.