New Services for Spanish Homes - eNeo Labs Uses ProSyst´s mBedded Server

eNeo Labs develops and offers embedded solutions for the connected home. The gateway named IPbox includes ProSyst´s mBedded Server Smart Home Suite

New Services for Spanish Homes - eNeo Labs Uses ProSyst´s mBedded Server

eNeo Labs offers an innovative home solution for the Spanish connected home market

Cologne/Madrid/Barcelona, December 4, 2003 - eNeo Labs develops and offers embedded solutions for the connected home. This includes the Utility Media Center (UMC), a complete home solution consisting of a gateway - the IPbox - a middleware system named eNeo Net and the aggregation of advanced services accessible via eNeo´s residential portal SiempreEnCasa (Always at home, In addition to the IPbox, which includes ProSyst´s mBedded Server Smart Home Suite, also the middleware layer eNeo Net is compliant with the latest OSGi -specification.

In combination with Prosyst mBedded Server Smart Home Suite, the SiempreEnCasa solution is platform -independent, scalable, modular, secure, customizable, and extensible. It allows manufacturers and service providers to offer high value applications and services, including remote diagnostics, maintenance and control, home surveillance, automatic data transfer as well as the secure delivery of information and entertainment services. Any kind of software and data packages can be remotely delivered to the connected end devices on the fly. At the same time, error notifications or maintenance -related information can be directly transmitted from the device to the manufacturer or service provider.

The interaction with the user is exclusively enabled via Web interfaces in TVs, PCs, PDAs or any other mobile devices. The services integrated in this scenario are among others: telephony, home automation, security, health care, home networking, multimedia services, and energy savings. All service packs are on -top of the basic Pack Casa Conectada - the Connected Home Pack.

The OSGi -certified Smart Home Suite of ProSyst´s mBedded Server provides home appliance manufacturers and service providers with a reliable and platform -independent solution which focuses on the key requirements for building a networked smart home. It therefore facilitates the development, deployment, and life -cycle management of services and applications for the networked home.

Daniel Schellhoss, EVP of ProSyst Software AG: `eNeo Labs offers a promising solution with well -elaborated products for the connected home market. We are glad that eNeo Labs decided for our products in order to enhance its smart home solution.`

Oscar Ribes, Sales Director eNeo Labs: `mBedded Server was exactly the product we were looking for when we started developing our SiempreEnCasa scenario. It is not only market -proven but also extendable and OSGi -compliant. This cooperation will for sure change the way our Spanish and maybe even European fellow citizens live their lives at home.`

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