U.S. Patent Office Recognizes New and Original Design

Newmarket, NH December 1, 2003 - Russound, a leading manufacturer of A/V products for the residential systems and connectivity markets, was awarded a Unites States Design Patent for its UNO user interface. The UNO design is currently utilized in two of the company's award -winning keypads; UNO -S2, a dedicated product for use with the CAV6.6 Controller Amplifier and the UNO -IR2, a stand alone pre -programmed and learning IR keypad that is compatible with a wide range of quality multiroom products. The U.S. patent number D481 706S, was issued on November 4, 2003 and recognizes a "new and original design."

The user interface is generally considered to be the most important element in any custom a/v system because it is the only device the end -user interacts with everyday. A well -designed interface or keypad will provide the consumer years of convenience and pleasure while a poor design will likely cause frustration and may not even get used. With that in mind, Russound partnered with noted industrial designer Allen Boothroyd and his UK based design firm, Cambridge Product Design, to assist with the industrial and mechanical design of UNO. Russound and CPD have invested thousands of hours researching various user interface designs and continue to explore innovative ways to create a user experience that is attractive, intuitive and easy to operate.

The UNO -S2, companion for the CAV6.6, became available in May, 2003 and has a minimum advertised price (MAP) of $299

The UNO -IR2 was announced in September at CEDIA Expo, the leading trade show for the custom installation industry, and began shipment the following month. At the affordable price of $349 (MAP), the UNO -IR2 along with UNO -S2 are offered in stylish Decora style plates and available in five designer colors: White, Bone, Almond, Black and Brown to suit ever taste and design need.

The result is that UNO is an attractive, intuitive and easy to use deluxe keypad with the following key features that are common to both UNO -S2 and UNO -IR2:
• Elegant Decora design available in White, Almond, Bone, Brown and Black
• Backlit LCD display and buttons with selectable color of green or amber
• Custom display provides vital system feedback for easy operation
• Assignable Audio/Video source labels with descriptive names such as CD, DVD, Tuner, Video (up to 12 characters) for easy identification
• Infrared remote control sensor with IR pass -through that allows for complete system control at each location
• UNO -LRC1 pre -programmed/learning companion IR remote available
• Connects via standard CAT -5 cable

Russound is working on additional UNO keypads for a variety of applications and price points. Future UNO interfaces will share many if not all of the innovative design features listed above.

Russound is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art audio, video and connectivity products for the residential systems and a/v connectivity markets. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Newmarket, New Hampshire and markets their products globally. Additional information on Russound and its products can be readily obtained at The company can also be reached by e -mail at, by phone at 603/659 -5170 and by fax at 603/659 -5388.

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