Crestron 1700 Series Touchpanels Now Shipping Without Buttons

When Crestron learned that the preferred configuration for the 1700 panels is without buttons, the company decided to give its dealers more choices.

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, December 1, 2003 - When Crestron learned that the preferred configuration for the 1700 panels is without buttons, the company decided to give its dealers more choices.

In response, Crestron`s 1700 series 5.7` wireless and wired touchpanels have now begun shipping without buttons. All model numbers and pricing remain the same.
Affected models include:

ST -1700C
STX -1700C
STX -1700CW
STX -1700CXP
TPS -1700

All PAKS containing 1700 -series touchpanels
Each model now ships with a blank front bezel, while buttons are optional. To add buttons, simply order the Button Bezel Kit (1700C -BTNB -BEZEL) which includes a set of 10 pushbuttons and a replacement front bezel with button holes. Custom engraving of the buttons is included with the Button Bezel kit, and is supported by Crestron Engraver software.

Providing more options than ever, Crestron also offers a `No Button` retro kit option for existing 1700 touchpanels. The Blank Bezel Kit (1700C -BEZEL) provides a button -less front bezel to convert any existing 1700 touchpanel.

In addition, the 1700C -BTNB Button Kit remains available, providing a replacement set of engraved (or blank) buttons for any existing 1700 touchpanel with buttons, or any new 1700 touchpanel equipped with the button bezel kit. All option kits described are field -installable by the dealer.

Featuring stunning 5.7" active matrix displays, Crestron 1700 Series touchpanels produce stunning on -screen quality and a dazzling high -resolution picture for graphics. Multiple graphics can be displayed on screen without any shift in color depth or quality and the brightness and depth of the graphics are second to none.

With a variety of custom icons and graphics available, a simple touch of the 5.7" screen sets any number of events into motion, including dimming the lights, closing the drapes or turning on the video projector.

Crestron Electronics is the world's premier designer and manufacturer of advanced control systems and distribution solutions for corporate boardrooms, training and conference rooms, videoconferencing, distance learning centers and high -tech homes. The company philosophy of ProductsPlusPeople truly sums up what Crestron is all about: Providing the industry's best products, supporting them with the finest programs and services and employing a dedicated team of people who genuinely care about each and every customer. For more information, visit Crestron at

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