New Companion 10ai Touch/Controllers Offers Unparalleled Functionality

CorAccess Systems, announces Companion 10ai; running award-winning applications and: 4 analog video inputs, Onboard digital video server IR distribution Internet web-browsing 5 programmable hard buttons MPEG 4 decoding Optional Wi-Fi

New Companion 10ai Offers Unparalleled Functionality

CorAccess now offers a complete suite of elegant, full -featured in -wall, handheld and standalone
IP -based home touch/controllers.

Golden, CO - 11/1/03 - CorAccess Systems, a leading provider of modern electronic home management systems, announces the introduction of the Companion 10ai; a new elegant and robust touch/controller running the award -winning AutoMate, PhotoMate, AudioMate and AniMate home management services. This new member of the Companion family adds:

Four analog video inputs, 1 dedicated TV input in addition to unlimited digital network camera capabilities
Onboard digital video server for re -distribution of analog video to other Companions including handhelds
IR window for control and distribution of IR back to components in the media center
Integrated one -touch Internet web -browsing and on screen keyboard or optional
Five programmable hard buttons for easy access to popular features like "all lights on" or macros.
MPEG 4 decoding for full screen digital video from a remote source, optional TV tuner and DVI output.
Optional RF Wi -Fi module perfect for retrofit or hard to pre -wire installations.

The all new Companion10ai is designed for ease of installation in both new homes and retrofit installations. The simple pre -wire requirements of just Ethernet and 12V power also means "no new wires" or Wi -Fi simplicity. Companion 10ai is also a perfect platform for the CorAccess iRadio player. Sporting robust stereo speakers Companion 10ai can fill a room with digital radio from around the globe. Then with the embedded microphone, add AccessMate or upcoming TeleMate to extend the functionality to in -home, gated entry, door and community intercom.

"We are very pleased with the fit and finish and performance of the new Companion 10ai. CorAccess has listened to the professional dealer network over the years and delivers on their needs." said Craig Slawson, president of CorAccess Systems. Coupled with the new AudioMate whole home media capabilities, Companion 10ai, SideKick and Amego will deliver the needed functionality to modern homes today and tomorrow, adding WOW factor for a fraction of the price of the higher -end custom systems. Developers, builders, and professional installers now have an impressive array of sophisticated tools to attract and retain today's smart homebuyers. Manage all home services from anywhere in the home on Companion like scene lighting, security, HVAC, door cams, whole home audio control, digital media playing and a host of lifestyle applications and network services."

About CorAccess Systems

CorAccess Systems, Inc., provides easy -to -use intelligent interfaces to modern home and audio control systems. CorAccess products are designed specifically for controlling complex home networks, including whole -home audio/video, security, and scene lighting/appliance control, Internet, and communications with user -friendly touchscreens. The CorAccess suite of award -winning Companion interface products includes stationary in -wall systems, media center, set top, as well as handheld wireless appliances. Perfect for a single touchscreen installation or large commercial -grade home systems. Wireless modules available for retrofits. For more information, visit or call 303 -477 -7757

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