DIRECTV Approves Use of Phonex Wireless Phone Jacks

DIRECTV users can connect to their telephone through the standard electrical outlets in homes

November 19, 2003 - Salt Lake City, UT - Phonex Broadband TM Corporation (, a world leader in Power Line Carrier (PLC) voice and data communication devices, today announced that DIRECTV, Inc. provider of the nation's leading digital television service with more than 12 million customers, has approved the use of the Wireless Phone Jack for Modems with their set top boxes.

DIRECTV set top boxes require a land -based phone line connection to enable pay -per -view orders via remote control. The Wireless Phone Jack creates a phone connection by using the electrical outlets in a home. The base is placed near an existing phone connection and plugged into the electrical outlet. It then transmits the phone signal to a receiver at another electrical outlet and eliminates the need to run wiring to the DIRECTV set top box.

"We are proud to have DIRECTV approve our Wireless Phone Jacks for Modems for use in their set top box installations," Said John Knab, CEO Phonex Broadband. "We provide a simple solution for the DIRECTV phone connection. By using our products, users and installers can set up a phone jack near the television within minutes, saving time and trouble."

The Wireless Phone Jack device has two variations: The Wireless Phone Jack is used for standard voice phone service. The Wireless Jack for Modems offers Caller ID and improved modem performance. The products are available through several OEMs and are found on retail shelves under the RCA, GE, Southwestern Bell, Phonex, and Belkin brand names.

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About Phonex
Founded in 1988, Phonex Broadband Corporation, based in Midvale, Utah, is a privately held company recognized as the world's largest supplier of powerline -based voice and data products. Phonex Broadband's proprietary technology enables telephone and data devices to communicate reliably using standard electrical wiring. The technology is protected by multiple patents. Phonex has sold more than 10 million powerline products worldwide and was the first company to market a broadband networking device that turns any electrical outlet into a 10BaseT Ethernet port. Phonex is a member of CEA, the Consumer Electronics Association, and the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

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