Opus Launches WCU300 The Only Keypad Specifically Engineered for Sub-Zones To Feature Independent Bass, Treble And Balance Control

LONG BEACH, CA, November 10, 2003 - Opus Technologies, the leading designer of multi -room entertainment systems and structured wiring solutions, today announced the launch of the Opus WCU300 Sub -zone keypad for its Opus 500 Series Multi -Room Entertainment System. Opus believes that the WCU300 is the only A -Bus keypad available on the market today to feature independent bass, treble and balance control. Opus Technologies is distributed exclusively in the US by Marantz America, Inc. and the WCU300 will be demonstrated at the Marantz booth, #1006

The WCU300 comes in American and European models, allowing the keypad to be fitted in either a standard single 'J' box or standard UK 47mm back box respectively. The WCU300 allows a highly effective sub -zone to be added to any Opus main zone, so that a single MCU500 can distribute audio to up to eight zones unlike many other systems which feature impractical speaker switching or autoformer solutions.

To further differentiate it from these systems, the WCU300 features full IR pass -through, the user can fully access the source functions using a remote control in a sub -zone just like in the main zone. The main zones and the sub -zones must listen to the same source but can independently be turned on and off and have their own bass, treble, balance and volume control so that sound quality can be adjusted to meet the environmental needs in each room.

As with its sister keypad the WCU500, the WCU300 combines easy -to -use functionality with elegant simplicity and can be personalised using Easy Clip or Decora faceplates which come in a variety of finishes to complement the colour scheme of a room.

The WCU300 is simply connected to the amplifier module located in the main zone using standard Cat5e cable and speakers are connected directly to the keypad. By doing this the WCU300 supports the speakers through high quality built -in stereo amplification which means that power is not split between the main zone and the sub zone with the inherent reduction in sound quality.

The Opus WCU300 has an RRP of £120 excluding VAT and will be available from December 2003.

About Opus Technologies
Opus Technologies is a leading British designer and manufacturer of multi -room entertainment systems and structured wiring solutions. It also integrates lighting and other complementary technologies into its portfolio of home automation solutions.

The Opus 500 series multi -room audio system is an innovative, yet wonderfully easy -to -use, 'whole house' entertainment system. It allows up to six hi -fi sources to be accessed independently, or simultaneously, anywhere in a property. In every room where the system is installed, Opus' keypads and sleek remote handsets give total control of the user's entire CD collection and access to a choice of radio stations.

Opus Technologies was originally a division of Audio Partnership Plc and was demerged to become a highly -focused separate limited company in April 2003. From its headquarters in London, UK, Opus Technologies services a global market.

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