WireTracks LLC announces WireTrack NC, a new wire channel product designed exclusively for new

WireTracks LLC announces WireTrack NC, a wire channel product designed exclusively for new construction applications. After installed in a new home, homeowners will be able to run wiring from a central wiring closet to any location within the house.

Seattle, WA, November 2003 - WireTracks LLC announces WireTrack NC (new construction), a new product designed exclusively for new construction applications. After it is installed in a new home (in conjunction with conduit), homeowners will be able to run wiring from a central wiring closet to any location within the house.

WireTracks NC channels are the thickness of wallboard and attach directly to the framing of a building at floor level, replacing part of the wallboard. The channel cover attaches to any baseboard molding which allows the molding/channel assembly to be removed and re -snapped into place any time the homeowner needs to add new wiring.

"Right now, homeowners don't know what to do when wiring new houses. Some are installing too much wiring and others aren't installing nearly enough," explains Bruce Gutman, President of WireTracks. "A home is the biggest investment in most peoples' lives. Installing an architecture that prevents it from becoming obsolete is one of the most important things a homeowner can do."

"One of the challenges for homeowners is determining where to locate computers, televisions, and other technology products, explains Jay Montgomery of LightSightAndSound (Baltimore, MD), a professional installer that installs WireTracks products. "WireTracks NC enables homeowners to choose where they want to locate outlets after they move in and, if they need to make changes, its no problem."

The following graphic shows a profile view of WireTracks and WireTracks NC. The addition of the wallboard shelf enables builders to install WireTracks NC right before wallboard is installed, without having to cut out any wallboard. This simplifies installation and provides a seal between the WireTracks channels and the wallboard.

The following image shows the profile of the New Construction WireTracks wiring channel installed in a wall.

WireTracks NC enables builders to truly futureproof homes at a minimal cost. An 8' section of WireTracks NC is retail priced $23.95 or less than $3 per foot.

For more information about WireTracks wiring channel systems, contact Bruce Gutman at 206 -361 -6110 or bruce@wiretracks.com. Or, visit the WireTracks website at www.wiretracks.com.

Quick Statistics

Over the last five years, an average of 1.574 million new housing units have been completed each year -U.S. Census

Up to 48 percent of new homes will be pre -wired with structured wiring by the end of 2004 -Parks Associates.

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