Three affordable hubs provide additional features, flexibility and convenience

EH EXPO November 11, 2003 - Russound, the popular New England based manufacturer of connectivity products, announced three exciting new additions to expand their popular line of A -BUS multiroom audio products. The A -H1 Audio Source Interface Hub, the A -MSS Music Source Selector and the A -H4P Four Zone Hub Panel are all products that provide enhanced features, flexibility and additional control.

The A -H1, typically located behind or near the home entertainment center, acts as a source interface between the A/V receiver and the A -BUS hub normally located in the structured wiring panel. The compact A -H1 accepts the stereo outputs from a typical A/V receiver and then connects to the main hub (A -H4P) via CAT5 wire. The A -H1 also contains four 3.5mm IR flasher mini jack outputs for source control and one status input jack for system status notification.

The A -MSS is a whole house music selector that serves as a interface for any of Russound's A -BUS hubs and enables the A -BUS keypad (A -KP2) or the ALRC1 Remote Control to select one of the four audio sources to be heard through an A -BUS system. The A -MSS can be used with any A -BUS Hub, such as the A -H4, A -H4P and/or the A -H2. The A -MSS features four stereo source inputs with loop outputs for sharing audio with another system along with four 3.5mm IR flasher mini -jack outputs and a confirmation LED indicator for source control. The A -MSS also provides a 12V trigger output for controlling the ACT -1, Russound's 12 volt trigger AC outlet.

The A -H4P is a panel -mount four zone hub designed primarily for installation in OnQ Technologies and Open House structured wiring panels. Used with the A -H1, the A -H4P provides a highly affordable structured wiring solution for a single source A -BUS system to distribute audio up to four zones. The A -H4P connects to the A -BUS keypads (A -KP2) via 110 punch -down connectors. The number of zones can easily be expanded with additional A -H4P hubs via the RJ -45 linking connectors. The A -H4P is powered by an A -PS Russound power supply (not included).

Russound Product Manager Tom Kusleika commented, "A -BUS has set the standard in affordable multiroom audio and continues to grow for us at a tremendous pace. These three new A -BUS models are affordable and easy to add to a new or existing A -BUS system. More importantly, they provide ideal solutions for the rapidly growing market for structured wiring and home networking audio applications."

Russound is a licensee of the patent -pending A -BUS technology and began marketing
A -BUS products in the fall of 2000 with a groundbreaking multiroom system. At the heart of A -BUS, is a powerful amplified keypad that is connected to an audio source by standard CAT -5 wire. The audio source, typically a receiver, feeds the A -BUS connecting hub and from there, any number of amplified keypads or volume controls can be driven. The attractive keypad supplies power, volume, status and IR control. Loudspeakers are connected directly to the keypad via two -conductor speaker wire. In most applications, the single -gang Decora style keypad would be flush mounted in the wall and the loudspeakers would be in -wall or in -ceiling type. A -BUS is a registered trademark of LeisureTech Electronics, Pty Ltd.

Debuting in Booth # 616 at the Fall EHX in Long Beach Nov 11 -13, 2003, these three new
A -BUS products join the existing breadth of the Russound A -BUS line offering affordable connectivity products for the a/v system contractor. Shipping in January 2004, the A -H1, A -MSS and A -H4P are available through all Russound authorized a/v dealers systems contractors and distributors. Pricing for the news products is as follows:

Model Dimensions MAP Price
A -H1 6.5"W x 2" H x 1.55" D$149
A -H4P 6.5"W x 3" H x 1.25" D$199
A -MSS 8.25"W x 1.25" H x 3.75" D$249

Russound is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art audio, video and connectivity products for the residential systems and a/v connectivity markets. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Newmarket, New Hampshire and markets their products throughout the world. Additional information on Russound and its products can be readily obtained at The company can also be reached by e -mail at, by phone at 603/659 -5170 and by fax at 603/659 -5388.

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