ZON Whole-House Audio System selected as one innovation that had great impact on dealers'/integrators' business in 2003.

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ZON Whole -House Audio System selected as one innovation that had great impact on dealers'/integrators' business in 2003.

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(Long Beach, CA, November 12, 2003) - - EH Expo West kicked off in impressive fashion for Oxmoor Corporation when CE Pro announced that the company's flagship product, ZON (pronounced "ZONE") Audio, had been chosen as winner of a High Impact Award.

High impact award winners were selected from nominations submitted by dealers and installers responding to the magazine's call for entries. Specifically, CE Pro sought details on products, systems and technologies that made a significant difference in dealers' and/or integrators' business in the past year. According to CE Pro's panel, ZON Audio was judged to be a product that measurably benefited home systems dealers and the home -technology industry in general.

"This is an exciting award because it comes from nominations submitted by our dealers," said Lynn McCroskey, Oxmoor's chairman and CEO. "The High Impact Awards are a bit different because they name their winners based on the input of people in the field working with end -users every day, and their endorsement of ZON Audio tells me that their customers are happy and that's what it's all about. If the end user is satisfied, then we've all done something right."

Extensive human interface research and industrial design studies were used to develop the unique ZON look to integrate easily into almost any residential environment and with its all -digital architecture, ZON provides systems integrators and end -users with new features and enhancements not available from other products on the market. ZON is the first 100% digital whole -house audio system on the market.

"It's gratifying to know that with ZON we have produced a system that is worthy of consideration for a High Impact Award," added McCroskey. "The fact that we won is a tribute to our entire team that developed the concept of the totally digital whole house audio system.

"I thank the dealers and installers that thought enough of ZON Audio to submit their nominations and I look forward to continue to provide them with the best distributed audio products on the market," he said. "I also want to thank CE Pro for the award. It is indeed an honor for which we at Oxmoor are all extremely proud."

For the integrator, ZON is easy to design and install and is well suited for structured wiring plans. For end users, ZON offers embedded capabilities that simplify user interface control and management of the home audio environment and unlike analog systems or hybrids that combine elements of analog and digital, there is no degradation of sound quality or volume levels, even at the most distant points in a home.

About Oxmoor Corporation:
Internationally known for innovative high performance audio products, Oxmoor invented the industry's first digital remote volume control in 1982. In 1986 the company was the first to deliver digital audio for motion picture theaters. Oxmoor's other professional audio products include room -combining systems, paging hardware and other innovations used in hotels, theme parks, specialty venues, and IMAX Theaters worldwide. Oxmoor researchers also patented Personal Sound Environment® 3 -D audio technology that premiered in 1994 at the Sony IMAX Theater in New York.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Oxmoor Corporation, LLC is a leading manufacturer of digital remote volume controls, distribution and buffer amplifiers, mixing matrixes, infrared transmission hardware and room combining systems for commercial and residential audio applications. Oxmoor products are sold worldwide. For more information: www.oxmoor.com

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