Berkline "Shakes" Up The Home Theater Seating Market!

Berkline LLC and THe Guitammer Company have brought sound to life with the addition of the ButtKicker as a factory equipped option to the Berkline Home Theater Seating Line.

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International Home Furnishings Market, International Home Furnishings Center, Berkline Space C -754,
October 13, 2003) - Hang on tight while the mammoth T -Rex stomps across the big screen. Brace yourself for the jolt
of the Titanic as it hits the iceberg. And most importantly, affordably transform your living room into a high -tech movie
theater. Berkline LLC and The Guitammer Company have brought sound to life with the addition of the ButtKicker® as
a factory equipped option to the Berkline Home Theater Seating line.
According to Cabot Longnecker, Merchandising Vice President for Berkline, "The addition of the ButtKicker as a
factory installed option for our home theater seating line cements Berkline's continuing innovative leadership in this
dramatic growth segment. Consumers have even more reasons to visit our dealer's home theater areas as ButtKicker
equipped Berkline seating will be on display - live and in action!"
Mark Luden, President of Guitammer adds, "The ButtKicker is a low frequency device that enables the person sitting in
the chair to feel rather than hear the low end (bass) of movies and music. Not a vibrating massage chair, the
ButtKicker chairs are musically accurate and respond precisely to the bass track of movies and music, or the .1 and
LFE channels on 5.1 systems. ButtKicker equipped chairs connect easily to any home theater system and can be
installed by consumers and professionals."
Unlike a subwoofer or speaker, the ButtKicker doesn't make the room overly loud or carry the sound throughout the
entire house or apartment complex. This isolation of the low end within the seating makes ButtKicker equipped chairs
a favorite of wives and neighbors.
Designed by musicians and studio engineers, the ButtKicker is musically accurate with a tight, "on -the -beat" response
that is not just for movies and special effects, but is equally enjoyable with all types of music. It connects easily to and
works well with most any sound system, from a CD player to a complete home theater system.
Video games come alive when played in Berkline's ButtKicker enhanced seating and an unparalleled level of realism
and excitement awaits gamers who use these chairs.
Berkline has affordably priced the ButtKicker option with a modest upcharge per seat equipped with a ButtKicker. Visit
you local Berkline furniture retailer for more information and to "feel the experience of home theater."
About Berkline LLC
Berkline LLC was founded in 1937 and continues its innovative leadership in the reclining upholstery industry. For more information about Berkline
visit or call 423 -585 -1500.
About The Guitammer Company
Located in Westerville, Ohio, The Guitammer Company is the leader in low frequency sound products for the home theater, ProSound, music,
amusement and theater industries. The ButtKicker® Shaker is used by industry leaders such as Walt Disney, IMAX, Universal Studies, Warner Bros.,
Shania Twain, Creed, Pink, in addition to home theater professionals and enthusiasts in more than 25 countries. For more information visit ButtKicker® is a registered trademark of The Guitammer Company.

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