Web interface controls whole house Musica system

By leveraging the comprehensive integration capabilities of the Musica system, NetStreams is able to create a web browser interface to control every aspect of a distributed audio system.


Long Beach, CA - - November 11, 2003 - NetStreams announces the immediate availability of the R2E Network Interface. This enables elegant two -way control of the entire MUSICA Audio Distribution System, including sources, via any web browser with a Flash plug in. EHX show attendees can see this new product functioning at the NetStreams booth

"The introduction of the R2E represents a significant advance in the control and operation of the MUSICA Audio Distribution System", noted Herman Cardenas, CEO of NetStreams. "We feel that our customers will be thrilled with the new features and ability to control their entire music system from anywhere in their homes."

The R2E features an attractive, intuitive user interface with three web screens. The Source Control Screen controls the functions of the source selected in a given room or "all rooms". The Preset Control Screen activates a desired preset for a tuner, satellite receiver or other sources, and the Settings Screen permits adjustments to bass, treble, loudness, balance and other settings. Users may control all of their audio sources using a web browser on a PC, web tablet, or PDA.

The web browser can control not only the Musica system, but also all of the connected sources via Musica`s internal control system. IR controlled sources can now be controlled via web browser!

The R2E is compact in size - -smaller than a deck of cards - -and the software for the R2E requires no programming. A flash ROM allows for quick, easy software upgrades. RS -232 cable and power supply are included.

For additional information or materials on NetStreams products, please contact Jimmie Owsley in the sales and marketing department with NetStreams at 512 -977 -9393 or at jowsley@netstreams.com

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