PCs are used more and more as multimedia machines. Think of DVDs, MP3 files, films in DIVX format, digital photos and so on.

The only problem is that many people keep their PC in a separate office, while you would like to use many of the multimedia functions in your living room. Would it not be so much easier if you could control and enjoy all these options without having to get up out of your chair? Just with your TV or stereo? Marmitek has two products which make this possible.

Control your computer remotely with the Marmitek PC Control. The signal of the PC Control can travel through walls and ceilings, which means you don't have to move the PC out of your office.

The PC Control looks like a regular remote control, so that you can control PC movies and audio files in the same way as videos. The PC Control can also be used to control your audio and video equipment.

The Showshifter software, which is provided with the remote control, combines all the functions for e.g. TV, DVD, and MP3 in one easy -to -use display. The software enlarges the buttons and text on your PC monitor or TV screen, so that you can read everything comfortably from your chair.

The suggested retail price of the PC Control is € 39.95. The packet contains not only the remote control, but also the necessary software and a plug & play receiver with USB connection.

Marmitek also offers you the possibility to wirelessly connect the audio/video of your PC and TV. With the PC to TV Sender images and sound are transmitted through walls and ceilings, in a totally wireless manner. The suggested retail price of the PC to TV Sender is € 64.95.

More information and addresses of outlets can be found on our web site: www.marmitek.com.

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Give your customers First-Class Service with Pakedge BakPak

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