Norcent Technoloy Expands TFT LCD Television Offering

The Affordable New HDTV Compatible Product Line from Norcent Offers 27" and 30" Flat Panel LCD Televisions

San Dimas, CA - - October 29, 2003 - - Norcent Technology, Inc., a provider of high quality, competitively priced home entertainment, computer, television and memory products, announced today the availability of a new product line of High Definition Television (HDTV) compatible, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television sets.

"According to numerous sources, the LCD television market is anticipating an exponential growth rate on a global scale within the next few years," said Jennifer Long, President of Norcent Technology. "We understood the early market indicators and Norcent has offered LCD monitors and television sets for the past year. We are now are ready to begin shipping our newest HDTV compatible LCD televisions."

`Our two new LCD TV's offer even the most sophisticated buyer a stylish, high -tech -looking, space saving unit with outstanding picture clarity,` continued Long. `These are perfect for virtually any room in the house. The new LCD TV sets offer a super -high contrast ratio of 500:1 and XGA resolution that gives viewers a clean, crystal -clear, virtually flawless picture. As always, we have included many high end features at entry level prices on our new LCD TV sets," Long added.

Elegantly encased in brushed aluminum, the two ultra thin TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD TV sets offer initial screen sizes of 27" and 30". Both models are fully loaded with the same great feature sets including WXGA 1280 x 768 (pixels) super high resolution, HDTV compatibility, dynamic cinema scanning, 3D edge filtering, 3D Y/C Comb Filter and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

For the audio lover the Norcent LCD -TV sets feature SRS (WOW) to create a true surround sound experience. WOW restores the much of the sound information lost during normal playback. Also featured are two built in speakers, MTS stereo and SAP.

The term HDTV compatible means that the TV set can display HDTV pictures by using an external HDTV tuner to decode the various broadcast signals sent over the air or via cable or satellite. The FCC has mandated that all local television stations provide HDTV digital broadcasting by the year 2006.

The 27 -inch LCD -TV set is priced at a reasonable MSRP of $2,299 and the 30 -inch LCD -TV set is priced at a MSRP of $2,799, both screen sizes are shipping now. Norcent also sells a wide range of traditional and plasma televisions as well.

About Norcent Technology, Inc.
Norcent Technology, Inc., a U.S. corporation with Chinese support, designs and markets high quality, competitively priced home entertainment, computer, and memory products. Its product line includes: Home theater systems; DVD players; television sets, including flat and standard screen, high -definition, rear projection, and plasma; optical drives; monitors; and memory and semiconductor storage products. The vast majority of its products incorporate the latest digital technology.

The company is affiliated with Shanghai Hongsheng Technology Company, Ltd. (Shanghai stock exchange, symbol 600817) and one of China's tops IT and communications businesses, began marketing products in the United States under its own brand name in the spring of 2002.

Norcent Technology, Inc. is located in San Dimas, CA. For further information, e -mail, telephone (909) 305 -8885 or visit its web site at (USA) or (China).

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