On Foot, On Water and Now on Wheels … Magellan MapSend DirectRoute Software Delivers Turn-by-Turn, Audio-Prompted Routing On Handheld GPS Receivers

Santa Clara, CA (October 10, 2003) - The same handheld GPS unit used by a hiker seeking a trailhead in the Grand Canyon or by a boater navigating Lake Michigan will soon provide turn -by -turn, audio -prompted guidance when traveling by automobile. Thales Navigation will make it possible with the fall 2003 introduction of the Magellan" MapSend" DirectRoute' software, the first street -routing software designed specifically for recreational GPS handhelds. This major advance in mapping software is easy to use with a wide range of Magellan handheld GPS receivers. Now many Magellan customers who use GPS technology primarily for recreational purposes can gain travel routes to city destinations, street addresses and thousands of points of interest in the continental United States and Canada.

MapSend DirectRoute is sold alone or pre -packaged with a Magellan handheld GPS unit. The software is compatible with most Magellan Meridian" and SporTrak" handhelds, including Meridian Color, Meridian Gold, Meridian Platinum, Meridian Marine, SporTrak Pro, SporTrak Pro Marine and SporTrak Color.

"We conducted extensive research that revealed more than half of our Magellan customers use their handheld GPS receivers for street navigation in addition to recreational activities," said Lonnie Arima, vice president of worldwide consumer sales and marketing for Thales Navigation. "MapSend DirectRoute provides Magellan handheld users with the option of adding improved street navigation performance while complementing the other advanced functions built into their receiver. The addition of this software enhances versatility of Magellan handhelds like never before, enabling users to access topographic maps, marine charts and street navigation - all on a single Magellan receiver."

MapSend DirectRoute software is contained on two CD -ROMs. It features a database with more than 35 categories of downloadable points of interest for the United States and Canada, including restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, parks, airports, tourist attractions and more.

Users have three easy, unique ways to route, either by moving the cursor to a destination on the map screen, by inputting an address, or by searching points of interest by name. MapSend DirectRoute calculates the "shortest time" street route, then provides visual guidance and audible prompts that notify the driver of each maneuver. With access to the most current, sophisticated NAVTECH® map data, which is used in leading navigation systems throughout North America and Europe, users can upload any map area they choose, within the limits of the available memory in the receiver or a total of 64 MB on a memory card.

For more information about Magellan consumer GPS products, visit or call 800 -669 -4477.

About Thales Navigation
Thales Navigation is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of positioning, navigation and guidance equipment with global operations. Thales Navigation markets its Magellan brand GPS solutions in the consumer electronics, recreation, and automotive markets, and its GPS and GNSS professional products in the survey, GIS/Mapping, and OEM markets. Through its joint venture with Hertz, Thales Navigation has developed the Hertz NeverLost® vehicle navigation system. Thales Navigation's key innovations include the first U.S. commercial hand -held GPS receiver for positioning and navigation, and the first handheld GPS with industry standard Secure Digital Memory Card capabilities.

Thales Navigation, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with European headquarters in Carquefou, France, is a subsidiary of Thales, a world leader in professional electronics in three key markets: Aerospace, Defense and Information Technology & Services (IT&S). The Group employs 60,000 people in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and generated revenues of over $11 billion in 2002. For more information, visit

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