Motorola Selects ProSyst´s Open Service Platform

Leader in broadband-based consumer electronics to develop future residential gateway products based on ProSyst´s OSGi software solution

Motorola Selects ProSyst´s Open Service Platform

Leader in broadband -based consumer electronics to develop future residential gateway products based on ProSyst´s OSGi software solution

Cologne, October 21, 2003 - ProSyst Software AG today announced that the company's mBedded Server Smart Home Edition has been selected by Motorola Inc., (NYSE:MOT) Broadband Communications as the operating platform for a forthcoming line of Motorola advanced residential gateway products. The announcement was made at the OSGi World Congress, held October 21 -24 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
ProSyst's modular and open Service Platform, mBedded Server, meets the requirements of a home environment and fulfills the needs for a network integration platform in smart homes, coming along with many ready -to -use service packages and development tools. Its reliable and scalable remote management platform, mPower Remote Manager, enables the seamless delivery of services, remote administration and management as well as the exchange of data between service gateways and manufacturers, network operators, and external service providers. In addition, ProSyst's mPower Remote Manager can be easily integrated into existing enterprise systems, such as application servers, databases, billing systems or messaging middleware.

ProSyst's software solution facilitates the development, deployment, and life -cycle management of viable e -services and applications for the networked home today. The solution is platform -independent, scalable, modular, secure, customizable, and extensible. It allows white and brown goods manufacturers and service providers to offer high value applications and services, including remote diagnostics, maintenance and control, home surveillance, automatic data transfer as well as the secure delivery of information and entertainment services. Any kind of software and data packages can be remotely delivered to the end devices on the fly. At the same time, error notifications or maintenance -related information can be transmitted to the manufacturer or service provider.

"When designing the next generation residential gateways for the connected home, it is important to offer a solid platform on which to build applications. The highly customizable mBedded Server includes a broad variety of functionalities and enables Motorola to present developers of advanced home applications with a robust programming environment. We look forward to working with ProSyst as we introduce next -generation gateway products for the home, and the corresponding gateway management systems for the service providers." said Vincent Izzo, Motorola Broadband Director of Business Development, Advanced Home Services.

"We are honored that Motorola, the world's leading supplier of cable modems and digital set -tops, has chosen our mBedded Server for its residential gateway products and our mPower Remote Manager for its gateway management systems. Our OSGi -certified platform will provide Motorola and its developers with an excellent standards -based operating solution for creating the latest home applications. This will make Motorola one of the most future -proof vendors of residential gateways and services on the market.", said Daniel Schellhoss, Executive VP of ProSyst Software AG.

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