Big Sound for the Big Screen

D+S Sound Labs introduces the Plasmaudio Loudspeaker Module(tm). A single cabinet that provides large-scale left, center and right channel audio for plasma monitors. The monitor mounts directly inside and flush with the cabinet.


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Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 17, 2003 - D+S Sound Labs, Inc. announces the Plasmaudio Home Theater Loudspeaker Module. A unique loudspeaker enclosure that completely surrounds any plasma monitor and provides left, center and right channel sound equivalent to separate floor standing speakers. Left and right channel driver arrays typically use two 7 -inch woofers above and below a 1 -inch dome tweeter. The center channel speaker uses four smaller 5 -inch woofers with a centered 1 -inch dome tweeter. All channels are fitted with a computer optimized crossover designed using D+S' proprietary EDC(tm) process. A flat screen plasma monitor is mounted flush within Plasmaudio to create a single combined unit.

"We saw a real need for superior audio matching the quality of video from these monitors. And at 6 -inches deep we achieved this goal without sacrificing the monitors thin character." says Bill Daniels, President of D+S Sound Labs, Inc. "These units are perfect for motorized pop -up cabinets and flip -down ceiling mounts since the audio can be hidden with the video."

Each Plasmaudio module is custom built to snugly fit a specific plasma monitor. They are made of ¾ -inch MDF with a 1 -inch thick baffle and finished in real oak veneer stained in any of D+S' twenty -four standard colors. Rated response of the left and right channels is 40 Hz to 20 KHz -3dB and 50 Hz - 20 KHz for the center channel. Prices range from $3,450.00 to $5,350.00 depending on the size of the monitor and driver arrays.

D+S Sound Labs, Inc. has been a home theater loudspeaker manufacturer, specializing in custom, high end systems for the home or yacht, since 1989. They offer 24 standard loudspeaker models as well as the flexibility to create unique custom designs. All products are built to order and available in just about any stain color. D+S distributes their products factory direct as well as wholesale to more than two dozen dealers and installers across the U.S. Their catalog with pricing is available at


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