Siemon Chooses Oracle as Its Preferred Partner in Global Expansion

Oracle Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) solution will give Siemon the power to grow market share in the global network cabling industry

WATERTOWN, CT ? Information is the key strategic asset of any organization in today's fast -paced business world. Used wisely, it can be the integral difference between success and failure. To assist in its plans for global expansion, Siemon, a world leader in network cabling, has partnered with Oracle to build an advanced ERP system. This new system will give Siemon the tools it needs to leverage critical business information and build a true world -class operation.

"We are thrilled that Siemon has chosen Oracle to help grow their business," said Buckley Cooney, VP Enterprise Sales for Oracle. "Our knowledge of business integration and functionality, combined with Siemon's outstanding reputation for technology and quality is an extremely powerful combination. Data today is critical for any business. Siemon's decision to choose Oracle to harness that information is a major step forward for their global expansion."

"The Oracle solution was chosen over many different vendors' solutions," said Tom Costello, Siemon's Chief Financial Officer. "This is a major investment in the future of The Siemon Company and we're happy that Oracle will be able to provide us with all the functionality that we were looking for ? true global, 24x7 access, web -based sales and order tracking for our distributors, global visibility for warehousing and much more. It will allow us to truly maximize our operational efficiency."

Today's businesses are looking for ERP systems like Oracle to help them leverage their significant investment in IT or information technology. Now more than ever, the network cabling infrastructure plays a vital part in securing a company's assets. Applications like enhanced ERP are critical to the success of the business and will only operate at peak efficiency if the infrastructure is designed to handle the load. Siemon, as a technology leader in the network cabling industry, is pioneering the drive towards advanced, high performance network cabling systems built specifically to handle emerging high -bandwidth applications like enhanced ERP, Voice over IP, IP video and many others. We invite you to visit the Siemon web site to explore more about next generation networking.

About The Siemon Company
The Siemon Company, headquartered in Watertown, CT USA, is a global company with four generations of manufacturing excellence. Established in 1903, Siemon is the undisputed technology leader of standards -based, high -performance, high -quality copper and fiber cabling systems and components.

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