Waterdog - Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain

Smart ultrasound technology triggers the WaterDog to dispense water from an outdoor faucet when your pet approaches. Your pet can now drink from a fresh stream of water instead of from a stagnant bowl where water can become contaminated.

VICTORIA, British Columbia (August 2003) - Each summer, veterinarians treat thousands of pets suffering from heat -related emergencies. The most common ailments, dehydration and heat stroke, can be avoided by supplying pets with guaranteed source of cool water. Contech Electronics Inc. has developed an automatic outdoor pet fountain designed with both dogs and their owners in mind. Just in time for the sweltering summer months, WaterDog™ delivers an advanced solution to the stagnant or empty water bowl. The WaterDog supplies dogs with fresh, clean water on demand and is easily installed on any outdoor spigot.

How does it work? The WaterDog's ultrasonic sensors automatically turned the flow of water on and off based on pet proximity. Maintaining an adequate supply of cool water should be a number one concern for pet owners during the hot summer months, as pets will often not drink sun -heated water, increasing the risk of dehydration. WaterDog provides the solution by giving instant access to fresh water from which pets can drink until satiated.

"Summer brings added responsibilities for pet owners who must remember the importance of keeping dogs constantly hydrated with cool, clean water," said Erik Djukastein, president of Contech Electronics. "WaterDog is the saving grace for dogs and their owners. It's convenient - no more refilling the water bowl each day; and it's proven to be cleaner and safer for thirsty animals that regularly share a water bowl. In addition, WaterDog can also significantly reduce the risk of contracting intestinal diseases such as Giardia, which is caused by dogs drinking from stagnant water contaminated by parasites or bacteria. WaterDog is one product every dog owner will want to invest in for the health and safekeeping of their pet."

The WaterDog is easy to install (no tools needed) anywhere there is a spigot hook -up. The Waterdog is 14 inches high when assembled and operates up to one year on one set of batteries. It features weather resistant ABS plastic, a waterproof battery compartment and a heat - and chew -resistant hose. An additional hose flow -through allows a garden hose to be hooked to WaterDog. The product is now retailing for about $69 at Solutions (www.solutionscatalog.com), Foster & Smith, Inc. (www.drsfostersmith.com), Future Pet (www.futurepet.com) and PetSmart Direct (www.petsmart.com).

Contech Electronics Inc., based in Victoria, British Columbia, was formed 15 years ago. President Erik Djukastein and his late father, Klaus Djukastein, made it the company's mission to improve harmony between animals and humans. Their focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative new patented devices that really work has made Contech a leader in the quickly emerging genre of electronic animal training aides. The company is also known for its award -winning Scarecrow outdoor animal -repelling sprinkler and its patented Scat Mat, designed to keep animals off the furniture.

For more information on Contech or its products, call 1 -800 -767 -8658 or visit www.harmonyhome.com.

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