Smoke Alarm Interconnect Module, Model TR -SAI

The Model TR-SAI, Smoke Alarm Interconnect Module, allows you to interconnect Smoke Detectors (Alarms) so that when one is activated by smoke or fire, they all will sound the alarm. This module is a powerline carrier transmitter and receiver.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms in multi -family dwellings (apartment houses, condos, rest homes, etc) are required by law in most places, and they are a good idea in single every family homes as well, in that they can and do save lives.

Normally, to interconnect smoke alarms, it is necessary to add a wire (third wire) between each of the units. This third wire is not needed with the Smoke Alarm Interconnect Module.


The operation of the Model TR -SAI is as follows. When no smoke or fire has been detected by any smoke detector, all of the Model TR -SAI modules remain in the receiver mode. When one smoke detector is activated by smoke or fire, the Model TR -SAI module connected to that smoke detector immediately becomes a transmitter, and transmits the alarm signal to all the other Model TR -SAI modules, and any other compatible devices, over the 120V power wiring. This alarm signal is present at every outlet and every point on the electrical wiring throughout the building.

In buildings that have 3 -phase electrical power, you will need to install a Model CPR -3, 3 -Phase Coupler/Repeater to insure that the alarm signal is available and formatted correctly on all three phases.

Those Model TR -SAI modules that have the same code setting (DIP switch) as the transmitter will receive this signal, and will trigger their respective smoke detector. Other compatible devices that are set to the same code will also receive the alarm signal and perform their designated function.
They will only respond to those modules whose code settings matches their own. All other module signals will be ignored.
This allows you to select which smoke detectors will be activated together. For example, if you wanted all the smoke detectors in one area, say the second floor, to sound only when a smoke detector on that floor is activated, you need only to set all those on the second floor to the same code. And, if you want all the smoke detectors on the first floor to sound only when a smoke detector on the first floor is activated, you need to set the smoke detectors on the first floor to the same code, but a different code from the second floor.

You can easily create an ADA and HUD approved Supplemental Fire Alarm System for the hearing impaired, when using the Model TR -SAI Module to interconnect Smoke Detectors. You may add on Model RX -BZM, Buzzer Modules in rooms that require them, or add additional Strobes, Horns, EXIT signs, or other Fire Appliances as required (Hallways, Stairways, Bathrooms, Common areas, etc.), using the Model RX -RAM, Model RX -RCM, or Model RX -CCO.

Also, using the Model TR -SAI Module makes it easy to connect your Fire Alarm System into a conventional alarm panel for remote monitoring (use Model RX -RCM, or Model RX -CCO).

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