Custom software program provides powerful solution to save time and money

CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, IN, September 5, 2003 - Russound, a leading manufacturer of a/v products for the residential systems and connectivity markets, announced today the introduction of the new PC Power Tool, a customized software program to help program and setup their award -winning CAV6.6 Controller Amplifier. The PC Power Tool offers a dedicated program that allows the installer to quickly and easily setup all of the CAV's many parameters, right from a standard PC. The program even allows the installer to save their system settings for future reference, where they can be quickly recalled for new projects and edited time and again.

The PC Power Tool is offered in a familiar Microsoft shell to minimize any learning curve. Separate, logically organized sections such as customer information, source set up, zone setup, IR learning and macro editor make it easy for the user to find what they need. Settings can be printed to a document for a hard copy for records or to include in a proposal. For those who are not yet PC experts, Russound has included a quick start guide and on screen help along with a setup wizard. With a standard Windows based PC, the PC Power Tool comes with virtually everything needed to get started right away.

The Russound CAV.6.6 and UNO -S2 keypad were introduced earlier this year and began shipping in Spring 2003. The system represents the state of the art in affordable Multi -Source/Multi -Zone A/V distribution and has been enthusiastically adopted by the brand's worldwide network of custom a/v integrators and distributors.

The CAV6.6 and UNO -S2 were more than a year in the making and together represent one of the most compelling Multi -Source/Multi -Zone systems on the market. Commenting on the PC Power Tool, Russound's Product Manager Andy Lewis offered, "Everyone knows that along with performance and reliability, the most important feature in any custom product is how easy it is to install and setup. The CAV6.6 and UNO offer tremendous capability and the PC Power Tool allows the installer to fully take advantage of all their features, much faster and easier than programming from the keypad." Mr. Lewis went on to add, "The CAV represents the start of an exciting new platform for Russound. Russound dealers will be glad to know that the PC Power Tool will be fully compatible with all our future controllers as well."

The PC Power Tool is available now to order and will be shipping from inventory in November 2003. The entire tool kit is available to authorized Russound dealers for the special price of $299. The kit includes a CD, a quick -start guide, on -screen help, deluxe punch -down tool, controller and keypad cables and a rugged carrying case. The PC Power Tool will be demonstrated, along with Russound's award -winning CAV6.6, UNO -S2 and the company's complete line of a/v connectivity products, at the CEDIA Expo September 5 -7 in booth # 402 at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Russound is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art audio, video and connectivity products for the residential systems and a/v connectivity markets. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Newmarket, New Hampshire and markets their products throughout the world. Additional information on Russound and its products can be readily obtained at The company can also be reached by e -mail at, by phone at 603/659 -5170 and by fax at 603/659 -5388.

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