Revotech RJAX Makes All Your Coaxial Connections a SNAP!

Revotech RJAX line of coaxial cable products provides a revolutionary solution whose beauty is in the simplicity of its design.

Revotech RJAX revolutionizes the connectivity of coaxial cables. RJAX's patented design employs an RJ style connector for connecting coaxial cable to devices such as TVs, VCRs, receivers, satellite equipment, set -top boxes, etc. The RJAX easily connects a male RJ connector on coaxial cable to a female RJ coaxial connector on the wall plate or the electronic devices. What makes the RJAX special is that it is the world's first coaxial -modular connector adapter system.

Revotech RJAX female adapter receptacles are available in device mount or right -angle PCB mount. The device mount version is ideal for existing hardware systems and is easily attached by a threaded nut directly on to the device (TV, VCR, Satellite Equipment, etc.). The printed circuit board version must be designed into future products. RJAX Female adapters are available in various colored plastic covers to easily identify the cables to which they mate.

There are two different styles of male RJAX. The first is a male adapter plug, which fastens to an existing F -type cable by way of threading it onto the cable F connector. Revotech also offers a crimp -on style male plug that can be installed and terminated in a shop or out in the field. Revotech RJAX Crimp -on connectors include colored plastic plug boots that protect the plug at the same time providing a means for color -coding connections.

Revotech also offers RJAX couplers, splitters, and wall plates. Flex cable coaxial assemblies and multi -port patch panels will be available soon. Couplers allow the user to connect two cables employing male RJAX, while splitters allow for one coaxial cable to be used to connect multiple devices. Revotech RJAX flex cable assemblies provide a very flexible coaxial cable that is ideal for use in tight spaces where traditional, stiffer coax cable cannot be used. Additionally, RJAX patch panels have very specific applications for nontraditional home configuration.

New home construction today incorporates more connectivity features than ever before. Telephone outlets are found in almost every room, and many homes come pre -wired for home theater, whole -house music, communications, alarm, and local area network systems. Revotech RJAX simplifies the interconnection of coaxial cable by providing a series of products to meet the needs and configurations of particular users or of individual rooms.

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