M&K Sound Introduces MP -150 Plasma Monitor

M&K Sound's Innovative Plasma Series MP-150 On-Wall Speaker Ideal For High-Performance Plasma & LCD Flat-Screen Televisions

CHATSWORTH, Calif. (September 2, 2003) - - M&K Sound introduces the first high -performance speaker system designed for use with plasma and LCD flat -screen televisions that delivers audio quality commensurate with the exceptional quality of these display devices. The MP -150 speaker system is the first in M&K's new Plasma series of loudspeakers.

With a profile only slightly more than 5 inches in depth, this loudspeaker is more than just an attractive visual complement to flat -screen televisions. It delivers a level of performance essentially identical to that of M&K's award -winning flagship S -150THX speaker system.

The MP -150 uses the identical components found in both the S -150THX and the M&K Professional MPS -2510, meaning that the MP -150 delivers the same unsurpassed quality of sound heard in recording studios and post -production facilities worldwide, including Skywalker Sound, 20th Century Fox, Dolby, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, and hundreds of others.

This remarkable speaker uses three high -quality 1" fabric -dome tweeters utilizing a unique specially -designed polymeric -damped cavity in a vertical array. The low frequencies are produced by two high -performance 5 ¼" polypropylene woofers. The speaker is magnetically shielded, and it mounts flush to the wall through a elegant and easy to use wall -hanging system.

The MP -150 is available in a Black finish, a White finish, and a Silver/Titanium finish that matches Sony and other plasma televisions.

M&K's exclusive Phase -FocusedTM crossover helps the MP -150 deliver high quality sound throughout the listening room, regardless of the location of the speakers on the wall.

The MP -150 has a very wide horizontal radiation pattern and a wide but controlled vertical directivity to minimize reflections from floors and ceilings that interfere with sonic imaging.

This window is considerably wider than the narrow vertical directivity pattern used in the standard S -150 speaker. The MP -150's unique combination of speaker and crossover design means superior imaging and integration of sound, whether the speaker is used in stereo or in a 5.1 multichannel surround system.

The MP -150 is ideal for use in the front channels of high -performance multichannel audio systems, but it will also find a home in the surround channels of systems using the M&K S -150 or S -150P in the front channels. It is timbre -matched to all M&K Satellites and all M&K powered subwoofers.

The front baffle of the MP -150 is vertically angled to point up or down. Cabinet dimensions are 12 1/8" (H) x 10 ½" (W), with a maximum depth of 5 ½" and a minimum depth of 4 ¼". Weight is 17 lbs.

For further information, contact M&K at (818) 701 -7010 and visit the M&K web site at www.mksound.com. For high -resolution photographs, contact Chuck Back cback@mksound.com or Pei Tsoung ptsoung@mksound.com.

Celebrating its 30th year, Chatsworth, California's M&K Sound has been a pioneering leader in the fields of high -end loudspeakers and subwoofers for the home and studio environments and both analog and digital audiophile recording since 1974.


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