In -Vision Launches full line of IN -WALL LCD Televisions!

In-Vision, an innovative line of HDTV-ready flat panel TVs specifically designed to recess into an interior wall in your home, office, yacht ,or executive jet.

Flat TV s are still too fat!!! From the creators of Luce flat panel TVs, comes a new line of TVs that are truly thin; so thin, they are flush with the wall!!!

In -Vision, an innovative line of HDTV -ready flat panel TVs specifically designed to recess into an interior wall in your home, office, yacht ,or executive jet. This allows for totally unobtrusive large screen sizes that protrude into the living space, no more than 1/8"! Standard tempered glass front bezels not only offer an outstanding design element, but protect the delicate LCD panels of these flat TVs for use in almost any environment;
including splash and splatter proofing for kitchens,
bathrooms and even outdoors near pools
and spas.

IWTV -15S 15"
IWTV17WS 17"
IWTV -20S 20"
IWTV -22WS 22"
IWTV -30WS 30"

Standard features include:

Tempered optical quality screen bezels
Wide -Screen format display screens*
HDTV -ready YPbPr component inputs*
HDTV and PC ready Analog VGA inputs*
High brightness and high contrast LCD panels
Fast response time panels for artifact free motion video
Amplified and pre -amplified audio outputs
IR remote controls
Easy retrofit or pre -construction back box
wall cutout template
extra -long cord for AC power supply

Optional features:

One -way glass mirror coating on bezel
custom painted bezel frit
Custom ornate frames
swing out mechanism
heated defroster
tinted glass bezel
Custom designs available upon request

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