Intrigue Technologies Online Database the first of it's kind

With its trademark Internet configuration, Intrigue announces its presence in the Database market.

CEDIA EXPO 2003, INDIANPOLIS, Booth1620, RCA Dome, Sept. 5, 2003 - Intrigue Technologies Inc., a leader in intelligent remote control technology today announced that their Smart State Device Database now contains information on over 20,000 unique entertainment components. For a complete list of the types of devices that can be controlled with Smart State Technology visit

The Smart State device database collects thousands of devices per month and this rate continues to accelerate as more and more users sign on to the Harmony network Device information is collected automatically when a new customer "learns" the IR language and characteristics for devices not already included in the database. Amazingly, customers have entered well over 100,000 components but through the quality control process erroneous and duplicate devices are sorted out. This information is then shared with subsequent users who then simply identify the components in their entertainment system according to the model number. This powerful database aids in continuing to make the set -up process easier than ever before.

The company also announces that it will now license its Smart State Device Database to third party companies. "We were confident that the Internet would provide us with the ultimate consolidation of Entertainment control codes" said Bryan McLeod, CEO of Intrigue. "This method of data collection rests on the intelligence of our Smart State Technology and proves to be a great advantage for our customers. Now other products can start to take advantage of the Smart State Technology rather than forcing their customers to deal with cumbersome Macro technology."

Harmony Remote's exclusive Smart State Technology combined with its online device database provides the technical foundation for the simple set -up process and breakthrough ease of use. With the Smart State Device Database users can find their device model numbers in the database without learning any infrared commands. Device characteristics as well infrared codes for each component model number are stored in the database so minimal set -up is required for the end -user or installer. For example, the characteristics identify all the inputs for a TV, the infrared commands that control those inputs, the timing for the device including how long it takes the TV to warm up then switch inputs or increase volume. Even the method for changing channels is understood within the Smart State Device Database.

The online set -up process will be demonstrated with Intrigue Technologies' other award -wining products in Booth 1620 in the RCA Dome during CEDIA Expo 2003.

Intrigue Technologies will also be conducting a training session during CEDIA Expo 2003 in the Best Western Hotel, one block south of the convention center Saturday, September 6th at 6:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend, as space is limited.

For more information on Harmony Remote's full product line visit

About Intrigue Technologies Inc. and The Harmony Remote

Justin Henry and Glen Harris, two biomedical engineers, originally founded Intrigue Technologies Inc. in 1999. They were frustrated by the complexity of operating a "simple" home theatre system and the plethora of remote control devices that were required. They conceived of the idea that is now the Harmony Remote Control. After identifying the opportunity for a "web -connected" universal remote control, they spent two years developing the Harmony Remote Control, establishing the company that is now known as Intrigue Technologies Inc. The company's vision is to produce revolutionary products that help consumers simplify their every day lives. The Harmony Remote Control has won numerous awards including the prestigious Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Award for 2002, Electronics House Product of the Year Award for 2002, Innovations 2003, Editors Choice at and most recently the Excite Award for best hand -held remote from Custom Retailer Magazine. For more information on Harmony Remote's full product line visit

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