Eyris DC

The Tannoy Eyris DC series is a powerful blend of sound quality, cutting edge technology and contemporary aesthetics. Superior engineering knowledge has produced a highly refined Tannoy Dual Concentric™ drive unit in Eyris DC.


The three models that make up the new Tannoy Eyris DC series combine the core element of sound quality with the equally essential ingredients of cutting edge technology and contemporary aesthetics.

The technology utilized in Eyris DC models is derived from our superior engineering knowledge, acquired through Tannoy's delivery of class leading studio monitors to the audio and film industries. This, combined with intensive research and development, has produced an updated and highly refined version of the famous Tannoy Dual ConcentricTM co -incident point source drive unit.

The Eyris DC driver cone employs materials carefully selected from multi -fibre paper pulp mixes; chosen for fast, tight bass with superb transient response and natural, open midrange qualities. The very high level of linear cone excursion allows increased bass power output with excellent transient behaviour at all power levels.

The benefits of wide bandwidth formats are clearly recognized by audio enthusiasts and recording professionals worldwide. At the forefront of this audio revolution is Tannoy's own WIDEBANDTM technology, incorporated into all Eyris DC models and extending the frequency response to 53kHz, delivers breath -taking dynamics, detail and sound staging. A 25 -micron titanium dome in the SuperTweeter, a key component of the wide bandwidth system, not only allows supremely accurate fine detail resolution of high frequencies but also effectively enhances the listening experience throughout the entire frequency range. The double -vented driver design guarantees smooth and detailed high frequency reproduction without sibilance or harshness by eliminating diaphragm air compression.

Other features within the range include bi -wiring, RF grounding, and variable port damping for room acoustic optimization.

Substantially built and yet elegantly styled real wood veneer cabinets are beautifully handcrafted using only the finest components. The massively constructed front baffle is machined from 30mm thick high -grade MDF, and the 18mm MDF enclosure is comprehensively braced to provide the highest level of structural rigidity.
Three sumptuous real wood veneer finishes are offered. Sycamore provides the fresh contemporary look, American walnut coordinates with more traditional furnishings, while Black Ash blends in seamlessly with a broad range of décor styles.

Despite the compact aspect of the Eyris DC1 bookshelf monitor, it is fitted with a 175mm version of the new cast chassis Dual ConcentricTM drive unit. For use also as a wall mounted A/V rear effects speaker, the Eyris DC1 is provided with fixing inserts on the rear panel for an OmniMountTM Series 20.0 wall bracket. The floor standing Eyris DC3 utilises the same cast chassis Dual ConcentricTM drive unit and a supplementary 175mm bass driver. A 175mm bass driver positioned to either side of the Dual ConcentricTM drive unit in the Eyris DCC centre channel ensures exceptional bass depth and clarity on this vitally important home cinema component.

This superb collection of unique loudspeakers will exceed the expectations of the most discerning audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts alike. Real musical agility, together with the scale, dynamics and detail accuracy essential to reproduce the most demanding of modern film soundtracks, is delivered to a specification unparalleled at its price.

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MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

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