Embracing Crestron's Total Home Technology, CEDIA chooses DAP8RC as Best Audio Product and e-Control2™ as Best Home Networking Product

Expanding its industry leadership well beyond the touchpanel, Crestron was selected as award winners in the audio and home networking categories at CEDIA's annual Award Banquet.

The C2N -DAP8RC digital audio processor was chosen by the elite panel of CEDIA judges as Best Audio Product of the Year, while Crestron e -Control2™ was singled out for Best Home Networking Product honors. The double victory bestowed Crestron with the distinction as the only manufacturer to win two awards this year.

"We're incredibly proud and humbled by being chosen as the only double winner in the manufacturers' category this year," said Crestron President and Chief Engineer George Feldstein. "This honor really shows how we've grown well beyond our roots as a touchpanel and control company and that our Total Home Technology package offers products and solutions in many different areas of the home. Thanks to CEDIA for recognizing and endorsing our efforts with these awards."

The C2N -DAP8RC provides CAT5 head -end/local AV distribution and control along with cost -effective 7.1 digital surround sound processing with Dolby Digital® and DTS® in any room of the house.

Combining the DAP8RC with Crestron's CNX -PVID8 video processor, CNX -PAD8 professional audio distribution processor, one of Crestron's CNAMPX 12 or 16 -channel intelligent amplifier, and a Crestron control system creates a completely networked audio/video/control distribution solution for the connected home.

No surround sound processor on the market today offers cost -effective, professional quality surround sound in any room of the house while providing state -of -the -art CAT5 video and digital audio decoding and switching for local audio/video sources like the Crestron C2N -DAP8RC.

Crestron e -Control 2 extends the capabilities of Crestron e -Control™ technology. Quite simply, nothing like Crestron e -Control 2 exists anywhere else. e -Control 2 is a boon to computer and technology savvy connected homeowners, who will gain a new level of control of everything in the electronic environment of their home.

There's No PO and No Charge to take advantage of the power of e -Control 2. Crestron e -Control 2 leverages the benefits of ActiveX technology and extends the capabilities of the industry -standard for Internet -based control.

The new e -Control 2 software suite consists of applications that emulate a Crestron touchpanel screen, such as an Internet Explorer web browser, as a standalone Windows® -based run -time executable that can be launched locally from the Windows desktop and via any Windows CE/Pocket PC -operated PDA or Web Tablet.

If you can create a touchpanel, as any authorized Crestron or trained CEDIA member can, you can create an e -Control 2 web page. Three different saving options allow the user to operate the system from a central location and have dedicated web pages that launch from either a desktop icon or run on a PDA or web tablet.

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