Featuring a 5.7" active matrix display, the new wireless touchpanel provides two-way RF communications, 2.4 GHz spread spectrum, a 150-foot range and amazing high-resolution graphics.

Crestron has chosen CEDIA 2003 to introduce the latest in our popular line of handheld wireless touchpanels, the STX -1700CXP.

Ideal for the home theater, media room or bedroom, the new STX -1700CXP provides two -way RF communications with 2.4 GHz spread spectrum and a 150 -foot range.

Featuring a stunning 5.7" active matrix display, the STX -1700CXP produces stunning on -screen quality via Crestron's new Synapse Image Rendering Algorithm, which provides the options of anti -aliased 3D objects including buttons, frames, gauges and sliders. Anti -aliased text options include standard, embossed, beveled and fringed.

What's more, because the Synapse algorithm is native to the hardware, these new graphics are part of the touchpanel's tool set and presents an ideal "canvas" to create great looking designs for any application without increasing the panel file size or download time.and a dazzling high -resolution picture for graphics.

With Synapse, multiple graphics can be displayed on the STX -1700CXP's screen without any shift in color depth or quality and the brightness and depth of the graphics are second to none.

In addition to the astounding on -screen display, the STX -1700CXP offers five programmable push buttons on each side for quick and handy "one -touch" control options as standard. Also engraveable, they are tactile, real buttons that operate without waking the touchpanel display. Crestron offers the STX -1700CXP with or without the push buttons.

The panel's new long -life NiMh batteries are fast -charging and are without the limitations of battery memory. The STX -1700CXP is compatible with the TPS -RFGWX RF Gateway and runs Isys™ generation firmware.

For more information, visit Booth #222 on the CEDIA show floor or visit us online at

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