CinePanel Acoustic Treatment Kits Make CEDIA Debut

At StJohn Group's exhibit (booth 528), hear how easy-to-install absorbers and diffusers turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary listening experience

September 5, 2003 - Indianapolis, IN - Designed by industry guru Anthony Grimani of PMI Ltd., CinePanel® acoustic treatment kits improve focus and imaging, localization, dialog intelligibility, and surround envelopment all without agonizing over placement adjustments and complex acoustical calculations. CinePanel kits combine the science of acoustics with unmatched convenience, and offer a great way for CI dealers to distinguish their home theater design capabilities.

"Every sound system is affected by the room you place it in," notes Grimani, who recently joined StJohn Group as its Technology Director. "In some cases, the tonal balance is plainly wrong, and in other cases articulation and dialog clarity are so weak you have to strain to hear the instruments and storyline. The truth is, a room with decent acoustics and modest speakers can sound far better than a room with bad acoustics and great speakers. In both cases, CinePanel provides dramatic improvements."

CinePanel kits are economical, easy -to -install acoustic treatment solutions for listening rooms and home theaters. Based on scientifically designed building blocks of absorber/diffuser pairs, each kit is calculated to provide optimum absorption and diffusion for a given room size. Using Z -clips, the panels can be installed in minutes, following simple instruction charts. Dozens of fabrics are available to complement any décor.

StJohn Group Sales Director John Caldwell: "One of the criticisms of acoustic treatments in the past has been the difficulty in calculating how many panels to use, and where. CinePanel has figured all of this out in advance, making installation a simple process."

In its May 2003 review of CinePanel, Home Theater magazine said: "PMI's CinePanel kit is probably one of a select few products that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who's looking to upgrade their home theater system. If it tells you anything, we bought the kit that we reviewed."

CinePanel products will be featured in the projection theater in the StJohn Group booth.

Additional information, including specs and installation instructions, can be found on the CinePanel web site:

CinePanel products are distributed and marketed by StJohn Group in partnership with PMI, Ltd.

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