Biofinder II & III For Home Automation

Biofinder II & III allow direct identification of people via their invisible bioelectric fields. Bioelectric fields are Nature's built-in ID systems, impossible to duplicate and always unique as DNA.


BIOFINDER II & III detect the bioelectric fields
of people from inches to 20 feet. Bioelectric fields are biological passwords allowing direct identification of individuals via their invisible bioelectric fields. Since bioelectric fields are Mother Nature's built -in identification systems, they are impossible to duplicate and always unique and unchanging signatures to each individual as DNA.

BIOFINDER II & III use Passive Bioelectric Field (PBF tm) technology and sound card or DSP card with software to obtain identifications.

With BIOFINDER II & III a library of bioelectric fields of people can be accumulated for matching to unknown signatures.

Available software matches people's biofield signatures with those in your library.

Please go to our site and download actual bioelectric field signatures of people.

Bioelectric field signatures can be used to turn on lights, appliances, access control, etc and work well with regular off -the -shelf sound recognition software programs.
The bioelectric field signatures can be saved as *.wav files and on the audio track of a video tape to match image frames. The signatures can also be recorded on smart cards for access control.

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