The new cable features a patent-pending design that affixes the individual cables to a center spline, eliminating the need for an outer jacket.

RICHMOND, IN. - At CEDIA EXPO 2003, Belden Electronics Division, a worldwide leader in the development of wire and cable products for a wide range of communications, entertainment, network and industrial applications, features Banana Peel Composite Cables, a revolutionary new addition to its HomeChoice™ line of composite cables for today's "Intelligent Home."

The new cable features a patent -pending design that affixes the individual cables to a center spline, eliminating the need for an outer jacket. So, there's no overall jacket to strip off; an instant identification of the individual data, coax and fiber cable components can be made; and once the cables are peeled off the spline, they are ready for termination. Without an overall jacket, the Banana Peel cable is also smaller than traditional composite cables, thus improving the cable's overall bend radius and making it easier to handle.

According to Frank Koditek, Belden's Marketing Manager for Home Automation Products, "With this breakthrough product design, installing composite cables just became simpler and less labor -intensive than ever before. Just peel the cables off the center spline, and you're in business. Installers and building owners will find our new Banana Peel cables to be an affordable and efficient choice for the Intelligent Home."

The new line of Banana Peel Composite cable includes four structured cabling solutions UL verified to meet Category 5e performance standards. The cabling is available in two configurations: two 2 x 2 versions offering two Cat 5e UTP data cables and two coaxes and two 2 x 2 x 2 versions with two fiber optic cables added to the 2 x 2 design. All cables are available on standard 500 -ft. and 1000 -ft. reels.

The Cat 5e data cables utilize either a Bonded -Pair construction or an unbonded cable construction. The Bonded -Pair structure is unique in the industry in that it bonds the individual insulated conductors along their longitudinal axis, resulting in uniform conductor -to -conductor spacing and the complete elimination of gaps between the conductors. This patented design demonstrates superior electricals before and after installation (Installable Performance ).

The Series 6 (RG6) coaxial cables feature two different types of shielding: Belden's innovative, high performance Duobond Plus shielding - foil/braid/foil construction with a shorting fold - or Belden's Duobond IV Quad Shield.

The LANLite Ethernet grade fiber cables are 62.5 micron tight buffered constructions.

Banana Peel Composite cables join Belden's full line of HomeChoice products which include individual cables as well as overall -jacketed composite cables. HomeChoice cables are certified to deliver superior performance in a wide range of home and small office/commercial applications - including computer multimedia and networking, sophisticated home theater systems, multiple phone lines, security and energy monitoring and control, distributed digital audio, cable and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) television.

For more information on Belden's new Banana Peel Composite cables, or any other product, contact Belden Electronics Division, P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana, 47375, or call 1 -800 -BELDEN -4. FAX: 765 -983 -5294. Or visit the Web site at

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