AMD Works with Home Media Networks To Help Create Multitask Entertainment Capabilities For Media PCs

Home Media Networks Ltd, developer of network -capable home entertainment software, today launched its collaboration with AMD (NYSE: AMD) with the announcement of ShowServer, a product that lets users experience a new level of entertainment driven by their personal computers. ShowServer has been optimised for the AMD64 architecture, which is at the heart of the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor family, and will help users create a more personal and powerful home entertainment system enabling the networked home to be a more useful and prominent feature in everyday life.

ShowServer is part of a suite of products that enables users to capture, collate, and distribute television, music, and pictures from multiple points on a home network including the PC, television or digital camera. With the consumer -market availability of AMD64 technology, ShowServer is untethered from memory and processing limitations, and is designed to converge multiple digital entertainment sources into one, easy to use interface.

ShowServer is based around Home Media Networks' award -winning home entertainment software, ShowShifter, which allows users to watch, record and time -shift (pause) TV, play DVDs, CDs and MP3 music files all through one interface. The ability to control ShowShifter with a remote control and its unique Farview interface enables the consumer to use the product from anywhere in the room with a simple, unified interface for all home entertainment components (DVR, DVD, CD, etc. players), as with conventional home entertainment products.

"We constantly need more processing power to make full use of our software and AMD64 technology allows us to take another step forward," said Home Media Network's CEO, John Croft. "We are extremely pleased to be working with AMD on optimisations for the AMD AthlonTM 64 and AthlonTM 64 FX processors. AMD continues to have a significant presence in the home user market, which is exactly where we operate, and where our shared customers will realise immediate value."

"With leading -edge consumer applications like ShowServer, AMD AthlonTM 64 processor customers can power their entire home entertainment systems from their PCs. Whether listening to music, watching movies or digitally recording television, customers will be able to use one simple interface with one powerful processor for all mediums," said Tim Wright, director, desktop marketing, AMD Computation Products Group. "By bringing the power of the AMD64 platform to the desktop, AMD has delivered new personal computing capabilities that the innovators at Home Media Networks have just begun to tap."

Evaluation versions of English and international versions of ShowShifter can be downloaded from www.showshifter.com.

About Home Media Networks Ltd
Home Media Networks Ltd is a company focused on the fast growing digital entertainment sector, producing software that runs on standard PC platforms to allow the user to watch, record and pause TV, play DVDs, and listen to MP3 music files. Its solution, ShowShifter, allows the user to pause a TV show to be replayed later and can be controlled remotely using a standard infrared remote control. Through unique FarView technology interaction works equally well close up or at a distance from the screen. Showshifter is a replacement for TV, VCR, DVD and CD players in a traditional household, thus introducing numerous cost savings for the consumer. Home Media Networks Ltd is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK.
ShowShifter can be downloaded from www.showshifter.com.

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