McDonald's Moves from Analogue to Digital

McDonald's upgrades its analogue CCTV system to digital one to assure effective and efficient store management.

With more than 50 restaurants scattered in the South Africa, McDonald's upgrades its analogue CCTV system to digital one to assure effective and efficient store management.

With the help of SiteWatch, TeleEye reseller in the South Africa, McDonalds has installed a TeleEye III+ VX Video Recording Transmitter (model no: VX -8002) connecting with cameras located above cashier, cash office, drive through, back door, store door, etc. of the restaurant for security and remote monitoring purposes. The TeleEye III+ VX helps the McDonalds management and the National Security Manager for theft prevention, staff performance monitoring, staff safety and good customer service. With the deployment of TeleEye III+ VX, the old video multiplexer and time -lapse recorders are no longer required.

McDonald's has chosen TeleEye III+ because of its powerful remote capability and removable hard drive architecture. The managers can access video of the restaurant from the headquarters or playback video from any locations at any time over telephone lines. The Marketing Department can check if the advertisement and promotional materials have been displayed well in the restaurant without being physical there. Its removable hard drive design allows expansion of recording capacity for later checking. Apart from that, the National Security Manager can use Pocket PC with the installation of TeleEye M -monitoring Solution to view the restaurant from a car park outside the McDonalds through wireless LAN.

With the multiple access capability, the Central Monitoring Station in Johannesburg and Cape Town can connect to the TeleEye transmitter in the restaurant for surveillance particularly when the McDonald's management is out of town for business. This ensures the restaurants are under surveillance round the clock.

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