New, Higher Version of CATS system

CATS(TM) system designed for sending signals over incredible distances exceeding 1000 feet with no audible, visible or measurable loss. The system delivers 8 zones, 8 sources over one category 5 cable.


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Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc., the leaders in
audio/video control and signal distribution, recently introduce the third generation of their revolutionary CATS™ system.

CATS™ - Complete Audio/Video Transmission System, is the patent pending
invention of the engineering team at Pragmatic. Prasanna Shah, who founded the company in 1994, describes the system as: "Nothing short of a breakthrough in the way systems should be designed and installed." Further, " With CATS™, installations are easier to design, faster to install, higher in quality, more reliable and totally flexible for future upgrading. Higher quality with double the profit potential," Mr. Shah added.

The CATS™ system consists of a transmitter unit, an A/V matrix switcher/router for complete multi -source/multi -zone signal distribution and a receiver to decode the signals at each remote location. The system utilizes the company's proprietary and patent pending BDSP™ - Bandwidth Domain Signal Processing technology to achieve the superior performance, high bandwidth and quality signal reproduction over low cost category 5 cable, or even unshielded twisted pair phone wire! Further, the technology eliminates any possible chance for ground loops, AC voltage interference, noise pick -up or introduction of hum into the signal path. This quality assurance and enhanced reliability virtually eliminates callbacks. Hence, no callbacks means no unhappy clients, lost profit or lost referrals.

Among the new features incorporated into CATS™ are local A/V inputs with multiple source selection at both the transmitter and receiver ends, as well as an LCD display to show the selected input. Also available as an option, is a compact plastic enclosure for in -wall or set -top mounting, providing a flexible alternative to the unit's standard rack -mount enclosure.

CATS™ also includes an integrated IR control system so that all of its components, as well as all of the source equipment, can be controlled from remote locations. In describing the feature's importance, Mr. Shah explained: "This IR control offers fantastic expandability so that additional A/V sources can be easily added to the system and made readily available to the remote locations via the distribution system itself."

The CATS™ system is ideally suited for larger installations in either commercial or residential venues. Some of the places where CATS™ has been successfully applied are: multi -room A/V distribution in homes, media retrieval systems for schools, colleges, and church projects, as well as on -campus video conferencing, security and surveillance. These installations and countless others can all benefit from the simplicity of design, increased reliability, higher performance and "future proof" flexibility of the innovative CATS™ design.

CATS™ system also comes with its sleek, and advanced design keypad.

CATS™ and CATS™ Keypad are available for immediate delivery. Please click on http://www.wireless to learn more information about CATS™.

Pragmatic Communications, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, was founded in 1994 by award -winning engineer Prasanna Shah. Based in Santa Clara, California, the company designs and manufactures its products in the U.S., for both professional and consumer markets. Pragmatic, known for their proprietary CATSÔ and DMS™ technologies, provide products that are used throughout the world in demanding life -critical, educational and entertainment applications. The company's products are marketed exclusively to professional systems contractors. For additional information, please contact their sales department at 408 735 0300 or email sales@wireless Alternatively, you can visit Pragmatic website at www.wireless

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