DWIN Introduces the New TransVision™3 Projection System

The TransVision3 is the only home entertainment projection system designed to incorporate two complementary components: the 720p DLP Projector featuring the latest Mustang/HD2+ DMD technology from TI and DWIN's acclaimed Digital Video Processor.

DWIN is proud to introduce the 3rd generation TransVision3 High Definition DLP Projection System.

The TransVision3 is the only home entertainment projection system designed from the ground up to incorporate two complementary components: the 720p DLP Projector featuring the latest Mustang/HD2+ DMD technology from Texas Instruments, and DWIN's acclaimed Digital Video Processor. This unique separate component design provides the greatest installation flexibility, eliminates double processing of video signals and enables complete digital connectivity from digital video sources to the display, ensuring the best picture quality possible.

Among competing 720p DLP projectors, the TransVision3 is the only projector to employ Prism Free Optical light path architecture to guarantee maximum picture contrast. The result is true high definition, stunning film -like images with superior detail, deep blacks, high contrast and vibrant colors unsurpassed by any other competing system.

The TransVision3's precision Carl -Zeiss zoom lens allows for the widest single lens throw distances ranging from 1.41 to 2.1 times the screen width and a 200 watt lamp to cover a wide range of screen sizes.

Additionally, the TransVision3's lens shift mechanism ensures a keystone -free image by providing an optical projection offset adjustment. Unlike rival projectors that provide an optical projection offset adjustment up to lens level, the TransVision3 offers greater optical projection offset, ranging from lens level up to 40% of picture height. The advantage is that the screen can be positioned at a comfortable viewing level while the TransVision3 projector is flush -mounted to the ceiling.

The TransVision3's Digital Video Processor, which can be conveniently located near all video sources, accepts a total of 10 video inputs: 2 DVI/HDCP, 2 RGB, 2 component, 2 S -Video, and 2 composite and delivers 720p DVI signals matching the projector's native resolution. To accommodate installers, DWIN has developed proprietary DVI cables designed to easily run through a 1"conduit and offers DVI cables in lengths of 25 to 50 feet in 5 feet increments.

The TransVision3 provides true high definition and stunning film -like images. Exceptional movie theater realism is achieved with DWIN's acclaimed video signal processing. Deep black levels and natural color reproduction are secured with precision gray scale settings and gamma selections; motion artifacts are reduced with Adaptive Film Mode processing; and picture depth is increased with Signal Dynamic Range expansion.

Founded in 1985, DWIN Electronics, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance consumer and professional video projectors, digital video processors and displays. The TransVision3 is proudly made in United States.

DWIN is located at 710 North Mariposa Street, Burbank CA 91506, (818) 239 -1500. Visit DWIN on the web: http://www.DWIN.com .

Contact: William Tovatt
Phone: 714/368 -7569
E -mail: WTovatt@DWIN.com

TransVision is a trademark of DWIN Electronics Inc
DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments

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