New Universal Scaler

The C2-770 is a high performance Video Scaler, Up-Converter, Down-Converter and Multi-Format Seamless Switcher, and more.

September 9, 2003

The Award Winning C2 -770 Universal Video Scaler is now shipping!

The C2 -770 was called the Swiss Army Knife of Video Processors by one reviewer and it is destined to be the new benchmark for video image conversion products. It comes nearer to the ideal of Anything In Anything Out than any other conversion product on the market. Not only is it a high performance Video Scaler, Up -Converter, Down -Converter and Multi -Format Seamless Switcher, but it goes far beyond that. Its also a Worldwide Standards Converter, Chromkeyer, Lumakeyer, Picture -in -Picture Device, HDTV Converter, TBC -Frame Sync, Aspect Ratio Converter and a Universal Image Genlock, just to name a few. The 9 -Inputs and 4 -Outputs will accommodate Composite Video, S -Video, YCbCr, YPbPr, all HDTV formats and any RGBHV resolution up to 2048x2048. Plus, the C2 -770 also has 2 -Outputs for Preview (RGBHV and Composite Video) to facilitate live event switching.

The C2 -770 is unparalleled in its price range as a Picture -in -Picture Device. Any video input can be squeezed and placed into a window of any size and positioned anywhere on the screen over any other video input as the background. The image in the window can then be seamlessly switched to any other video input. The image can also be zoomed while it is in the window. Multiple C2 -770 units may be cascaded to provide layer upon layer and window upon window of images from virtually any source, from Composite Video through HDTV and anything in between.

The C2 -770 is ideally suited for use with LCD or Plasma Displays to improve picture quality. With its output signal format flexibility, it is assured that the Native Resolution of virtually any Digital Display can be matched. The C2 -770 employs advanced motion compensation to smooth out fast moving images and its automatic 3:2 Pull -down efficiently de -interlaces video from 24 fps film. The unit can be controlled from the front panel, via RS -232 of by the optional Infrared Control.

The C2 -775 Universal Video Scaler provides all the features and functions of the C2 -770 and adds SDI input, output and genlock capability. This brings the units I/O total to 10 Inputs and 5 Outputs, plus 2 Previews.

The A2 -700 Stereo Audio Switcher is an option offered to add Audio Follow Video or Audio Breakaway capability to the units. Both Balanced and Unbalanced inputs and outputs are provided.

Multiple Products in One

Up Converter Picture -in Picture Aspect Ratio Converter
Down Converter Windowing Device Logo Inserter
Seamless Switcher Frame Synchronizer Multi -Format Genlock
SDTV -HDTV Scaler Time Base Corrector Chromakeyer
HDTV -HDTV Scaler Standards Converter Lumakeyer
HDTV -PC Scaler Analog -SDI Converter And more.....
PC -PC Scaler Video Transcoder

MSRP: C2 -770 $4500, C2 -775 $5500, A2 -700 $1500

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