Linksys Offers New Dynamic Domain Name Service for Its Wireless Internet Camera Customers

SoloLink™ Service Provides Customers an Easy Way to Access Live Streaming Video Over the Internet Using the New Wireless-B Internet Video Camera

IRVINE, CA - Sept. 3, 2003 - Linksys®, a division of Cisco Systems Inc., the leading provider of broadband, wireless and networking hardware for the consumer and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) markets, today announced SoloLink™, a new Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) designed to make accessing Linksys Wireless -B Internet Video Cameras (WVC11B) easy and hassle -free. The customer can assign an easy to remember, personalized web address for viewing the video stream from their Linksys Internet Video Camera over the Internet. Linksys is also offering a 90 -Day free trial of SoloLink with purchase of the video camera.

SoloLink replaces the need for customers to remember the numeric IP address of the camera assigned by a broadband provider or a router. It also eliminates the problem of tracking frequently changing IP addresses when a broadband provider resets addresses or the user disconnects from the Internet. Using SoloLink, the customer can rename the IP address with a personalized, easy -to -remember web address such as When entering the domain name into a web browser, the SoloLink DDNS connects the user to the video camera quickly and easily.

"The Linksys Internet Video Camera is easy to install and operate, but our customers get greater value when they can access the camera from anywhere on the Internet. SoloLink, a Dynamic Domain Name Service is tailor made for this application," said Steve Troyer, Director of Product Marketing for Linksys. "Our home networking customers want more from their networks than just hardware. With a service and camera, our customers get a complete solution that allows them to get greater value and enjoyment from our products. Customers should expect more of these solutions from Linksys going forward."

The reliability of the Linksys SoloLink DDNS is assured through a distributed Dynamic DNS server that runs 24 X 7. The server system is located offsite in a co -location data -center facility monitored and controlled by Linksys, with full redundancy.

Pricing and Availability:

A 90 -day free trial of the SoloLink software is bundled with the Linksys Video Camera. New SoloLink users who sign up for the service during the 90 -day trial receive a special rate:

$19.99 per year (unlimited devices per account)
$34.99 for two years (unlimited devices per account)
About Linksys

Founded in 1988, Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the global leader in Wireless and Ethernet networking for consumer and SOHO users. Linksys is dedicated to making networking easy and affordable for its customers, offering innovative, award -winning products that seamlessly integrate with a variety of devices and applications. Linksys provides 24/7 Grade "A" product support to all its customers. For more information, visit the Linksys web site at

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