HomeSeer Technologies Announces Z -Wave Support

HomeSeer Technologies announces support for the new Z-Wave RF protocol developed by Zensys. This new architecture for device communication introduces a secure and reliable medium for controlling devices in the home.

BEDFORD, NH - - - Sept 1, 2003 - - - HomeSeer Technologies announces the support of the new Z -Wave™ protocol for home automation by Zensys Inc. Z -Wave™ is a wireless RF -based communications technology designed for residential and light commercial control. HomeSeer's Z -Wave™ USB interface gives our PC based automation system, HomeSeer, full access to all installed Z -Wave™ devices in the home. Since each Z -Wave™ device acts as an RF repeater, the size of the home is not a factor when installing the system. Designed to be low cost, the Z -Wave™ system can be installed by the home owner or professional installer. Communication is reliable, secure, and fast. The system cannot be controlled by unauthorized devices. HomeSeer supports concurrent Z -Wave control along with HomeSeer's existing lighting control solutions, which include X -10, Lutron Radio -RA, OnQ ALC and Lightolier Compose. Therefore, users can add Z -Wave to their existing lighting and automation control system or can gradually replace other technologies as desired.

"A reliable, secure, and affordable home automation solution is now available with the Z -Wave system. This technology will quickly become the new standard in home automation," states Richard Helmke, founder of HomeSeer Technologies.

The HomeSeer Z -Wave™ USB interface will be available in November. Decorator style wall switches will also be available in November. Lamp modules, appliance modules, and handheld remote controls are available now.

HomeSeer Technologies flagship product "HomeSeer" is a PC based home automation application that gives the user control of his home from any web browser or telephone. The software supports the widest range of third party hardware and software. HomeSeer Technologies web site is

HomeSeer Technologies was founded in 1999 by Richard J. Helmke to address the need for Internet enabling home automation.

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HomeSeer is a registered trademark of HomeSeer Technologies LLC.

Zensys and Z -Wave™ are trademarks of Zensys Inc.

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